An observer mostly. But technically a tri-TCG wielder, going as a Duelist, Cardfighter and Selector. Also a writer under the same username.

IRL Collection Edit

UPDATE 15/8/2017: Edit

Recently acquired both Black Crave and Black Desire for £3 each. Would have obtained another two decks (Eldora and Hanayo) from the same seller on ebay (and maybe some Yuki sleeves) had the postage not added an extra £3 per lot.

Obtained LRIGs Edit

  • Tama (Red/White)
  • Hanayo (official proxy from 2014)
  • Piruluk (Level 4 12 Limit Vanilla + 2014 official proxy deck)
  • Umr
  • Ulith
  • Iona
  • Yuzuki

Custom Stuff Edit

Twisted Fortune Edit

Stand Up, the LRIG! Pages Edit

Colours Edit

WIP LRIG Borders Template (for Custom Cards) Edit

Test Sample: Edit

Megiddo - WIXOSS LRIG Custom Test Sample -1

A work in progress, but I am getting somewhere with it.

Test Sample: LV0 LRIG Blank(s) (Winter Sports Borders Edition from WX22) with Custom English Text + Auto Box Edit

Sadegh (WIXOSS Custom Crossover Card)
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