A while ago i started playing Wixoss, looking for where i could play with friends cause its sadly not that easy to get the cards where i'm from, and its even harder to havve friends closeby to play, sooo i looked in Steams Tabletop Simulator, and found some items, just nothing good enough... So i created one myself and well. i keep it update with every deck or main set that gets released (or if i need to fix bugs XD)  To play it you need the Tabletop Simulator, whats not for free but there are many games you can play there. Mostly you can play with your friends or ask in a global chat, maybe you find someone to play against^^ cause there is no matchmaking or such^^° 

With the latest, bug-fix update i already released some of the new cards aswell as some prebuild decks (the normal trial decks you could buy from the game) as well as simple booster set sorted cards (where you can pull out the whole booster set with 1 card each, in case you only wanna use cards from or up to a specific set^^)

So far the cards are updated to:
WX-01 - WXK-P05
WXD-01 - WXK-D08
as well as the Promotional Cards up to PR-K043

And here is the link to the Steam workshop item:
don't forget to leave a rating, sadly i have to say that cause only 2% of viewers or players think about it by themselfs^^°

Also cause i don't always read the posts here, write me in the comments on steam if you find bugs that make cards mostly unplayable if you find them. like.... wrong name, text or maybe icons in card texts i forgot to remove while editing^^

(btw the pictures are from the last main set update, so it looks a bit different by now)

October 31th Update: Added the new cards from the latest 2 decks and newest set as well as some promo cards.  December 20th Update: Added WXK-P05 Rhetoric Cards, as well as a few new Promo Cards & Token that show the Banlist (Mayus Room)