When it comes to card games, the ones I currently play are "Magic the Gathering (MtG)" and "Cardfight Vanguard (CFV)".

After watching the "Infected" and "Spread" anime seasons (which were fun to watch) and then the "Destructed" movie later on, there is one question on my mind if I were to get into the WIXOSS card game: If I do, would it end up being like "Force of Will (game)" and "Weiss Schwarz" were I have one deck were I barely have anyone to play with and had a difficult time to find cards to upgrade it?

...Unless I play with the newer (and probably way more powerful) content than what was depicted/released during the "Selector era" (Infected, Spread and Destructed). Or maybe not a good mindset for me to have for WIXOSS or the card games I currently play.

What are your thoughts, folks?

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