• Hoshizawa Shizuki

    So, for some research, I'm wondering if anyone could help for Umr vs Tawil show off using their most recent cards.

    Like, the signis, strategy and the like, since I haven't touched WIXOSS for like forever.

    Wanting to write close game, with one of them winning, either one is fine.

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  • Hoshizawa Shizuki

    Might as well post it here:



    Far art:

    Freddy Yura:



    Kiyoi x Sakaguchi:

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  • Hoshizawa Shizuki

    Yuri ship

    June 24, 2016 by Hoshizawa Shizuki

    Yuri ships list

    Just random compilation of the possible yuri ships, be it Selector x Selector, Selector x LRIG, LRIG x LRIG or SIGNI x SIGNI - or Selector x Non Selector or others please do comment if you thinks there's another interesting pair

    (in random order, from what comes to mind)

    Selector x Selector

    • The mcs from twin memories
    • Hero x Ririka (Battle with Wixoss) - no explanation, she is obsessed, it's literally what the whole game about when you think about it
    • Chihiro x Hanayo (Battle with Wixoss)
    • Hero x that girl who wants to end selector system (Battle with WIXOSS)
    • Akira x Iona (original/Ulith/Yuki ver)
    • Ruuko x Iona (Yuki ver)
    • Ruuko x Hitoe
    • Yuragi x Mako
    • Miyu x Sara
    • Yura x Sara (yeah)
    • Yura x Rumi (sekuhara/no)
    • Ruuko x Sachi
    • Akira x that sickly Sele…
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  • Hoshizawa Shizuki

    I'm back?

    April 18, 2016 by Hoshizawa Shizuki

    Well, anyway, going to write all battle with wixoss stuff, since it will close on April 25... Wish me luck.

    Ririka a SHIT.

    That fucking end.

    Worse than the whole Sakaguchi x Kiyoi x Amika NTR stuff.

    ... I'm not that mad, just incredibly disappointed.

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  • Hoshizawa Shizuki

    Well, I decided to make this after the recent chapter of Peeping Analyze instead of clogging the comments section.

    Chapter 5 edition.

    Now place your bets on these questions.

    1. Is Ayumi still alive? She's never confirmed dead on the first place, and Mayu could be lying to provoke her.
    2. Is her new Selector even Ayumi?
    3. How will Piruluk reacts on the next chapter?

    As for me:

    1. I fucking wish she's alive.
    2. Could be, but even if she's not Ayumi, I think Piruluk could grow to like her. Best option of course if Sakaguchi is alive and Piruluk managed to get Sakaguchi (?)'s body we could get delicious yuri twin girl on girl action.
    3. If she's Sakaguchi, probably Piruluk would try to explain and probably felt relieved. On ch 3 she did state that she doesn't mind to b…

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