Yuri ships list

Just random compilation of the possible yuri ships, be it Selector x Selector, Selector x LRIG, LRIG x LRIG or SIGNI x SIGNI - or Selector x Non Selector or others please do comment if you thinks there's another interesting pair

(in random order, from what comes to mind)

Selector x Selector

  • The mcs from twin memories
  • Hero x Ririka (Battle with Wixoss) - no explanation, she is obsessed, it's literally what the whole game about when you think about it
  • Chihiro x Hanayo (Battle with Wixoss)
  • Hero x that girl who wants to end selector system (Battle with WIXOSS)
  • Akira x Iona (original/Ulith/Yuki ver)
  • Ruuko x Iona (Yuki ver)
  • Ruuko x Hitoe
  • Yuragi x Mako
  • Miyu x Sara
  • Yura x Sara (yeah)
  • Yura x Rumi (sekuhara/no)
  • Ruuko x Sachi
  • Akira x that sickly Selector
  • Hanayo x Natsuna

Selector x LRIG

  • Kiyoi x Remember (... yes, I know)
  • Amika x Piruluk (...NTR! (still))
  • Yuragi x Alfou (she wants to be her bride)
  • Wakaba x Aoba (loli twincest)
  • Mayu x Piruluk (just because?)
  • Yura x Sashe (Yandere siscon imouto brings you everywhere)
  • Mako x Haiti
  • Chihiro x Chloe
  • Hanayo x Paltea
  • Hero x Sakuya/Alice/Akabane
  • Hitoe x Yuzuki
  • Yuzuki x Hanayo
  • Sara x Mihiro
  • Kuromi x Myuu
  • Sezenami x Soui (btw for some reason Sezenami is not called as Konami - her given name)
  • Lalaru x Rena
  • Teru x Aiyai


  • Myuu x Sashe (also as Selectors x Selectors)
  • Lalaru x Sashe
  • Aiyai x Soui
  • Tama x Ulith
  • Piruluk x Remember


  • Quinn x Rikabuto (personal favorite from the era when mixing poison fang with maze is fun)
  • Altair x Vega (yeah)

I think there's more but I haven't been checking them often- and the manga about them, too

Selector x Non Selector or others

  • Ayumi x Kiyoi (yeah)
  • Yuragi x Mako's sister
  • Sara x Mihiro-chan (got c*ntblocked by Yura who took her bear)
  • Kiyoi x her bully that is not remember
  • twin wing mc

current personal favorite would be YuraxSara/Sashe, AyumixKiyoi (yeah, I know), HeroxRirika (literally all I can think is ....what? as I read her letter), QuinnxRikabuto (still).... then Akira x Iona (ori), and Chihiro x Hanayo

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