What is a Stop Deck?

Wixoss is a game of many styles and mechanics, there are many ways to build decks and sets and one of those ways is by making a stop deck. Normally, decks have an LRIG that can grow to level 4 or level 5 but a stop deck is designed to not to reach these levels and have a level cap that is much lower. There is official support for this, LRIGs such as [Midoriko, Abundant Girl Type Three] force you to skip your grow phase and have a higher limit and cost than your average LRIG of the same level. not all stop decks have to force you to no longer grow however, as long as the deck doesn't grow past level 3 it is considered a stop deck. Usually stop decks are extremely powerful early game, but sometimes suffer late game, this can be countered by the extra ARTS that a stop deck has at their disposal or since their SIGNI are limited to a shorter level cap there is a lower chance of not being able to summon anything during their main phase. 2Stops appeared to be getting almost no support for a while, until Unlimited Selector came back support Hanayo with their SR SIGNI Rhodonite, Natural Pyroxene , later Hanayo came to key select as a 2Stop LRIG .

  • A strong 3stopGo to Yuzuki Three, Snow Moon Blossom
  • A 3stop no longer used: HanayoGo to Hanayo Three, Binding Magic Flame
  • An ARTS that supports 3Stop HanayoGo to Horse-Driving Flame Whip
  • A powerful 2stop: AlfouGo to Alfou, Bride of Usurpation
  • Anne: Used as a 2Stop, she was rather popular.Go to Anne Second, Value of Excess Knowledge
  • A SIGNI that makes Anne 2Stop so viable (now banned)Go to ⁑Merli⁑, Deluge of Water Currents
  • A potential 3Stop: LaylaGo to Layla-Drift
  • An LRIG used as a 0Stop occasionally: SouiGo to Soui=Zero
  • Honestly, any Level 0 LRIG can be used as a 0StopGo to Tamayorihime ~THE ORIGIN~
  • SIGNI commonly used since it gains double crush from spells.Go to Ammolite, Natural Stone
  • A Resona for Eldora which is fairly powerful, helpful in stop decks.Go to Cetus, Blue Water Phantom
  • New key LRIGs let certain stop decks gain coins early for keys.Go to Yuzuki One, Claw and Fang
  • This key has an Exceed 3 effect, it can be used by 3stops.Go to Iona, Save/Maiden
  • A SIGNI used often as it has no limit and can gain a lot of power easily.Go to Dryad, Phantom Apparition
  • A 2stop used before Mayu's Room prevented more than 1 of the same ARTSGo to Mama♥2
  • A level1 LRIG with 3 limit, perfect for a 1Stop.Go to Hanayo One Roast
  • Hanayo back into key with 2Stop SIGNI support.Go to Meledia, Natural Source Princess

Making a 0Stop Deck​​​​​​

0Stop decks rely on ARTS and effects to deal damage since they cannot summon SIGNI

Piruluk, usually the LRIG doesn't matter too much for a 0Stop but certain cards require certain LRIGs so be wary.

​​​0Stop decks have no ability to grow, summon SIGNI or use any effects of their own, as a result many 0Stop decks have to rely on Life Burst to stop from taking damage or to deal damage themselves. Its important to have powerful Life Burst [see Arc Aura] when playing a 0Stop, as well as powerful ARTS to make sure you can handle any situation. Many 0Stops also run SIGNI who have effects that activate from the Trash, Ener Zone, Deck or Hand since you cannot summon SIGNI on the field to actiave their effects there.

Key Points to 0Stops

- Gain lots of ener

- Takes alot of damage

- Has A LOT of room for ARTS

- Can use almost any SIGNI, ARTS or LRIG

- There are no officially supported 0Stops so you have to come up with a strategy yourself - Coins are given early if you're using a lostorage LRIG but if not coins are impossible. 

Making a 1Stop Deck

1Stop decks can summon SIGNI but usually only one at a time or two.

Hanayo One Roast, it has 3 Limit meaning it can have a full field at level 1.

1Stops are slightly more viable than 0Stops since they can kind of protect themselves from attacks using a "fodder" SIGNI on the field. 1Stops also have an advantage that certain level 1 LRIGs can gain effects, having a permanent effect can be extremely helpful depending on what it is, even gaining one coin can decide a game. 1Stops still have to rely on strong Life Burst and strong ARTS but slightly less so, now you also have to take into account the level of your SIGNI since you can actually summon. SPELLS are now much more important too, since some can be chained with SIGNI effects.

Key Points to 1Stops

- 1Stops can summon SIGNI

- Still gain quite a bit of Ener

- Can have effects

- Can gain coins

- Takes alot of damage

- Usually requires quite a few SPELLS

- There are no officially supported 1Stops so you have to come up with a strategy yourself

- Now the level of SIGNI is important

Making a 2Stop Deck

2Stop decks are arguably the most viable out of all stop decks since they're extremely powerful.

Hanayo Two Remodeled, Roaring Flame, the most common 2Stop in the early days of Wixoss

2Stops are actually supported with multiple LRIG cards that are designed for stop decks. supported 2Stops usually have have a higher limit than other level 2 LRIGs which is why they cost more. 2Stop decks still have the benefits of being able to use a lot of ARTS and Ener, while being able to summon a whole field of SIGNI to protect yourself, this means your SIGNI and Life Burst don't matter as much as a 0Stop or 1Stop deck but now the strength of your deck resides mainly in the LRIG chosen and the SIGNI chosen. 2Stops are the most common of all stop decks, appearing quite frequently which popularised deck stopping in the first place, the most common 2Stop decks are 2Stop Anne, 2Stop Hanayo and 2Stop Alfou.

Key Points to 2Stop Decks

- SIGNI are vital to the strength of a 2Stop Deck

- Quite a lot of room for ARTS

- Has a higher limit than other LRIGs

- Can gain coins

- Supported 2Stop LRIGs have powerful effects to counterbalance their lack of strength

- Can block alot of damage since you can summon a whole field of SIGNI

Making a 3Stop Deck

3Stop decks are the closest to regular decks and have some weak effects, but strong SIGNI.

Midoriko, Abundant Girl Type Three, an unloved 3Stop LRIG even though she has great synergies.


3Stop decks are the closest to regular decks and as a result will have weaker effects, along with a limit that is usually high enough for a full field but not high enough have a particularly strong defence. 3Stop decks have the least amount of ARTS which is counterbalanced since 3Stop SIGNI usually have effects to make up for their lack of power. 3Stops are barely seen because at that point you might aswell just use a level 4 LRIG anyway and gain the extra effects and SIGNI without the slight disadvantages that the 3Stop deck has.

Key Points to 3Stop Decks

- SIGNI are almost as strong as level 4 SIGNI

- Effects are weaker

- has an extra ARTS space

- Lowered limit

- Life Burst isn't incredibly important

- SPELLS are slightly more vital than other stop decks

Key Points about all Stop Decks

- Stop decks cannot grow past level 3... Otherwise they aren't stop decks.

- Stop decks have more ARTS usually

- Have less coins as some LRIGs gain coins at Level4

- Stop decks are strong early game and sometimes suffer late game

- Stop decks ARE viable depending on how you make them

- Cards that skip the grow phase are NOT necessary to make a stop deck

What is this page?

This page is for recording and listing decks made by the wixoss community, while explaining what a stop deck is. all decks are 0 - 3Stop decks. Decks will be listed under their respective main LRIG in said deck. Decks can be added by messaging me (IcyDevil34) on my message wall with the details of the deck or in the comments of this post. You may also comment to tell me things I should add to this post.

Some guidelines to have a deck posted here

- Decks must be appropriate for Mayu's Room

- Have a level 0 LRIG

- Must not grow past level 3 in any form but can have level 4 LRIGs in the deck for exceed or other functions as long as they aren't useable

- Keys are allowed, Key select or All star decks are all accepted

- Please name the decks you submit 

[Yes, Alfou decks DO count]

[Yuzuki] Stop Decks

Yuzuki is an LRIG who specializes in forcing your opponent to get rid of cards in their Ener Zone:

Yuzuki, an LRIG designed to put opponents Ener in the Trash.

Yuzuki Double Damage Banger

Uploader: IcyDevil34

Main Colour(s): [Red], [Green] ​​​​​​

Stop Level: 3


1 x Yuzuki Zero

1 x Yuzuki One, the Flame

1 x Yuzuki Two, the Convicted

1 x Yuzuki Three, Roaring Flame Sin


1 x Dragon Extinguishing Chain

1 x Thunder Flash Flame

1 x Phosphorescent Samsara

1 x Horse-Driving Flame Whip

1 x Interwoven Fire and Fortune

1 x Innocent Defense


2 x #Agohige#, Phantom Dragon

2 x #Amarga#, Phantom Dragon

1 x #Ladon#, Phantom Dragon

3 x Akazukin, Phantom Beast

4 x Apato, Phantom Dragon

4 x Bolshack, Phantom Dragon

2 x Corundum, Natural Stone

2 x Dinos, Phantom Dragon

4 x Duranda, Greatsword

1 x Ittanmomen, Phantom Apparition

3 x Servant A

3 x Servant D

3 x Servant O


1 x Gear of the Flame Machine

1 x Obliterating Fang Thrust

2 x Rising Fist of the Flame Dragon

[Midoriko] Stop Decks

Midoriko is an LRIG that raises the power of SIGNI and uses Lancer to gain an edge over the opponents defense.

Midoriko, has a supported 3stop card and benefits from Lancer.

Mel and Midoriko

Uploader: Heightweight

Main Colour(s): [Green]

Stop Level: 3


1 x Midoriko, Combat Girl

1 x Midoriko, Golden Girl Type One

1 x Midoriko, Second Girl

1 x Midoriko, Abundant Girl Type Three


1 x Reindeer, Green Phantom Beast


1 x Realization of a Great Ambition

1 x Sea and Sky Becoming One Blue

1 x Spirit Salvage

1 x Withered Tree, Living Flower


1 x Mel-Muddler


4 x Chiron, Phantom Apparition

4 x Hachi, Phantom Beast

4 x Hototogi, Phantom Beast

4 x Hyakko, Phantom Beast

4 x Kiji, Phantom Beast

4 x Kogenbu, Phantom Beast

4 x Misuzaku, Phantom Beast

3 x Okapi, Phantom Beast

2 x Punito, Phantom Beast

4 x Servant O

3 x Servant D2

[Alfou] Stop Decks

Alfou is an LRIG who specializes in Refreshing , both you and the opponent aswell as

Alfou, an LRIG who uses refresh and her three main SIGNI: Sayuragi, Cinderella and Shiyuragi

manipulating cards in the trash.

Alfou Has Demons

Uploader: IcyDevil34

Main Colour(s): [Black]

Stop Level: 2


1 x Alfou, Black-Clothed Bride

1 x Alfou, Bride of Karma

1 x Alfou, Bride of Usurpation


1 x Purple Splash

1 x Insider Salvage

1 x Ancient Surprise

1 x Ancient Gate

1 x Devil to Devil

1 x Four Color Miasma

1 x Dark Cognate


4 x Anima, Reaper of Truth

3 x Baal, Reason of the Mortal Sin

2 x Belphego, Lustful Sinner

4 x Belphegor, Demon King of Sloth

3 x Cinderella, Unhappy Bean Picker

4 x Furfur, Sprinting Demon Deer

1 x Medogira, Mysterious Blue Fire

1 x Namahage, Folklore of Oga

4 x Sayuragi, Lesser Sin of Fluctuation

4 x Shiyuragi, Medium Sin of Fluctuation

4 x Servant D2

3 x Servant O2


1 x Death Blossom

2 x Death Parade

[Layla] Stop Decks

Layla is an LRIG who has her own mechanic called "Riding" which she relies on. 

Layla, Currently the newest red LRIG. She relies on "Riding"

Layla and Lalaru

Uploader: IcyDevil34

Main Colour(s): [Red]

Stop Level: 3


1 x Layla-Neutral

1 x Layla-Accel

1 x Layla-Corner

1 x Layla-Drift


1 x Burning Down Every Battle

1 x Equal Fiery Flags

1 x Idol Defense

1 x Interwoven Fire and Fortune

1 x Third Destiny


1 x Lalaru "Start"


1 x Code Ride Fubuki

2 x Code Ride Segway

3 x Code Ride Shimakaze

4 x Code Ride Shopping

2 x Code Ride Taxi

3 x Code Ride Tokkyuu

3 x Code Ride Wagon

3 x Code Ride Zero Fighter

3 x Duranda, Greatsword

4 x Mikamune, Small Sword

4 x Servant D

4 x Servant O


3 x Ark of Robbery

1 x Destructive Flame of Insane Thoughts


  • Alfou's Level 2 named LRIG card Alfou, Bride of Usurpation, though having a limit of 6, (having a higher limit is very common of supported stop cards) the cards effect does not state "[Constant]: Skip your grow phase" which could imply that Alfou may recieve some kind of support / a level 3 eventually.
  • The SIGNI "Code Ride Wagon" at level 2 gains +7000 power while in drive, giving it the power of an average level 4. This could be suggesting Layla may recieve proper 2Stop support at some point in the future. Or its just a really strong SIGNI.

Icy <3

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