For starters:

The very first thing you may want to know is the type of LRIG that you are capable of using. Different LRIGs each have their own playstyle.

  • White:
    • Tama: Conserves your hand by allowing you to search your deck and play SIGNI for low costs.
    • Remember: Generally playstyle focused on freezing your opponent's SIGNI and removing them for your own SIGNI to go in for a direct attack to the Life Cloth.
    • Tawil: Removes opponent's SIGNI while providing a certain level of immunity to your own SIGNI.
    • Sashe: Uses Resonas to control your opponent's actions so that it would be easier to win.
    • Yuki: Focuses on removing the effects of your opponent's SIGNI to make whatever OP cards he has useless and moves SIGNI around to activate effects. Returns your opponent's SIGNI back to deck to make them basically unrecoverable too.
    • Dona: Uses Apparition SIGNI. If you played Survivors[[1]] in Duel Masters, you should probably understand how to play a deck based on her.
    • Haity: Has not been released yet, so whatever strategy she uses is still a mystery to us...
  • Red:
    • Hanayo: The earliest form of rush, her offensive abilities is top notch, but defense is close to naught, with her only defense having drawbacks such as self-discarding or crushing her own Life Cloth.
    • Yuzuki: Burning the opponent's ener, causing them to be unable to pay the cost of some of their defensive ARTS as a result.
    • Tama: Unlike her previous white version, this version has a heavy focus on dealing damage to the opponent while having some minimal amounts of defense against having her SIGNI getting banished. Focuses on the Cross ability.
    • Ril: Rise on her Valor SIGNI to power them up. Her Coin Bet ability, Honest, allows you to see your opponent's hand and 3 cards in their LRIG Deck to know what the opponent is about to do before it happens.
    • Carnival: Playing around with levels of Space SIGNI to cause collateral damage to the opponent before the attacks begin.
    • Lalaru: Totally unknown. Will have some relations to Resonas though, seeing as she is a LRIG that appears in Selector stirred WIXOSS.

Slightly more advanced

  • Multicolored:
    • Yuzuki (Green/Red): Like her previous version, has a focus on ener burning, but has additional ener charging and Life Cloth repairing capabilities. Is more balanced in aggressiveness and defensiveness compared to before.
    • Piruluk (Black/Blue): Unlike her previous version, this form focuses more on casting spells rather than discarding, and that includes during the opponent's turn.
  • Colorless: (Level 5 only)

Personally, I'm abusing Urith, Enma of Nihilism.

updates coming soon.......

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