As a note this is mostly just thoerycrafting right now due to the fact the meta for black Carnival hasn't been developed yet.

Black Carnival is a toolbox deck based around Valor SIGNI that wants a massive amount of cards in the trash for effects, some of her cards are based around gaining power as well.


Levels 1-3 LRIGS

As with most post incited LRIGs the choices for Carnival's lower levels is based around the number of coins you want. In key format Carnival cannot generate a coin when she grows to level two, so she currently caps out at five coins in key format. however in All-star she can have six coins. Of course you can only have five coins at a time, so if you wish to gain the maximum amount of coins use some of them for an effect or a key.

Level 4 LRIGS

Currently there is two choices for level 4's in black Carnival, Carnival †Q† and Carnival †QA†. Which of these is superior you may ask, in most cases its Carnival †Q†, while it might be more difficult to reach the condition to use her attack effect and her on-play effect may be slightly worse(as the condition on Carnival †QA† is a joke really), Joker is honestly too good to turn down in most cases. However Carnival †QA† builds will be running less keys and Carnival †QA† is the more aggressive LRIG, where as Carnival †Q† is more of a control LRIG due to where her attack being too late to open up lanes for your SIGNI so there might be merit.

Level 5 LRIG

Currently Carnival only has one level 5 and its only accessible in all-star and that card is Carnival -MAIS-, while she is a part of the red Carnival line-up, outside of ener cost she is completely generic and isn't currently being outclassed. Though running some red cards might be required to make her consistent.


Currently her only good exclusive ARTS are Fate Struggle and One Touch, Armor's End(all-star only). The generic arts that are good for her are:


Naturally Carnival like most LRIGs can just run the meta keys(Hanayo, Acting in Perfect Harmony, Dona CHEER, Code Piruluk KEY), however the keys that have synergy with her are:

  • Nanashi, That Hook/Myu-Velvet: I'm grouping these two together because they pretty much serve the same purpose, mill and recover+ some aggressive power. Myuu is the more potent one in most cases, however if you want to keep your exceed for something else run Nanashi. Nanashi is also more synergistic with one of Carnival's cards and may turn out to be superior, especially  when Carnival gets more support.
  • Mel-Muddler: Some of Carnivals cards want to be boosted power wise to activate some pretty good effects, Carnival seems like she wants quite a bit of ener. However there might not be enough targets for her currently, and her self trashing effect doesn't seem like its that useful for Carnival
  • Tawil, Who Reaches Out: Stopping yourself from refreshing can be nice, also decent removal and can be used as a tutor.

Main Deck

Level 1 SIGNI

The most relevant level 1 black Valor cards are:

Techable cards

Level 2 SIGNI

The most relevant level 2 black Valor cards are:

  • Vlad, Prince of Impalement: Trash set-up and combo piece, while worse as a combo piece than Zhang Liao, she mills and outside of one card right now the massive gains of Zhang Liao are not needed, though she can whiff even on small boosts.
  • Charlotte, Ruthless Daughter: Ener generation, she is only useful from the trash, so running only a few copies is optimal if ran at all.
  • Danzo, Kite Ninja of Genjutsu: Removal, she's strong early game removal and unlike Morgan doesn't need as much work to be optimal.

Techable cards

Level 3 SIGNI

The most relevant level 3 Black Valor cards are:

Techable cards

Level 4 SIGNI

The most relevant level 4 Black Valor cards are:


The most relevant spells for black Carnival


In her current state, Black Carnival doesn't have much choice in variety, though this is to be expected from  a deck with one wave of support. Heres an attempt at a key format deck, I'll probably improve it when I figure out the deck more.


  1. Carnival
  2. Carnival †PA†
  3. Carnival †S†
  4. Carnival †TA†
  5. Carnival †Q†
  6. Tawil, Who Reaches Out
  7. Nanashi, That Hook
  8. Victim Defense
  9. Innocent Defense
  10. Fate Struggle


  1. Recycle Deads x 4
  2. Guinevere, Queen of the Round Table x 4
  3. Semiramis, Black Mage of Doves x 4
  4. Vlad, Prince of Impalement x 1
  5. Danzo, Kite Ninja of Genjutsu x 3
  6. Xiahou Yuan, Red Bow of the Wei Army x 3
  7. Elizabeth, the Blood Countess x 1
  8. Tokisada, Shimabara Rebellion x 3
  9. Lancelot, Immorality of the Round Table x 1
  10. Merlin, Prophecy of the Round Table x 2
  11. Sima Yi, Strategist of the Wei Army x 2
  12. Xiahou Dun, One Eye of the Wei Army x 4
  13. Servant O2 x 4
  14. Servant D2 x 4
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