Rate my deck in the comment section to a skale from 1 to 10.  Feel free to give me some constructive criticism. Note that WEBXOSS is an online automatic simulator and not all the cards are in the game, the last update was from WX11.


Lrig Deck

Eldora×Mark 0

Eldora×Mark I

Eldora×Mark II

Eldora=Mark III'

Eldora×Mark IV SUPER

Cross Life Cloth

Body and Soul

Burst Rush

Hammer Chance

Twists and Turns

Main Deck

Gurehozame, Water Phantom Princess x4

To'on, Right Rhythm of the Scale x2

Arowana, Water Phantom Princess x4

Ryuuguu, Water Phantom x2

Dugong, Water Phantom x4

Haigyo, Water Phantom x2

Hatahata, Water Phantom x3

Servant O2 x4

Servant O3 x4

Nafushu, Water Phantom x2

Wakasagi, Water Phantom x3

Repair x2


Three Swords x1


In the early game I focus on drawing cards from my deck, preparing traps on my Life Clothes. When you grow Eldora to level 4 you must have 3 SIGNI's on the field (GurehozameArowana and Dugong).

With Arowana I check the top card in my opponent deck, after that I attack with Gurehozame and than I attack with Dugong, I activate Dugong's effect and I declare the card I checked with Arowana's effect before the attack phase and I will be able to draw 2 cards from my deck and than with the effect of Gyrehozame I will be able to up my her and Dugong and than I attack Arowana, having over 7 cards in my hand I will be able to activate Arawana's effect and I will return one of my opponent SIGNI in the top of his deck and than I will attack with Dugong (depending on the situation I will activate her effect again and I will be able to draw 2 more cards) and Gurehozame.

And finally, I will attack with Eldora×Mark IV SUPER and I will activate her effect preventing my opponent to activate a Life Burst. 

I can activate Twists and Turns and I will banish my opponent's SIGNI's with over 12000 power, I can add from the cards I neet from my Ener Zone into my hand or I can put the top card of my deck into my Ener Zone. 

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