Firstly hi everyone, I hope you all have a great day !

I'm Rodstarz (since Rodstar was taken ;w;), a 22 years old French geeky dude.

It's the first time I'm using a wikia and my english is far from good so bear with me please o/

I was introduced to Wixoss by the anime but I forgot to regularly check the update of the TCG (I quit soon after Umuru was revealed so it's been a long long time) But recently an IRL friend hooked me again by playing some proxy games and showed Webxoss to me. So here I am, anonymously for a little while but I'm now named ~

I enjoy playing Midoriko, Myuu, Aiyai or Yuzuki (in this order) a lot but I'm a beginner and I make many mistakes, I hope to improve quickly and to stop to loose to all those Piruluk/ullith players everytime one day ><"

So, uh... That's all ? I hope to have a great time here o/

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