Hello there folks, I'm pretty new to the game and so I decided to go with the newest LRIG's I could find to fit what I would like. Currently I only have three decks built and would appreciate any help you all might have to offer to fine tune and/or just better my decks. I do ask though that if you are going to critique that you do so in a constructive and intelligent manner (IE, don't be a dickbag and just comment 'bad' or make quick calls without explaining as to why you're suggesting I do this and/or that) thank you in advance. Without further ado, here's my decks!

Edit #1: Changed a few things around, Arts wise, will be looking to try and tune down the number of spells.

Edit #2: Updated the decks a bit, changed a few things around, hopefully they are marginally better.

Black Amethyst Atrophy (Nanashi) Black

Signi: (40 w/ spells & 20 LB's)From level 1-4

3 x Servant O2

3 x Acnes, Natural Bacteria

3 x Echinoco, Natural Bacteria (LB)

3 x Yogurti, Natural Bacteria

4 x Servant D (LB)

4 x Natto, Natural Bacteria (LB)

3 x Mentagro, Natural Bacteria (LB)

3 x Previs, Natural Bacteria

2 x Madcow, Natural Bacteria

3 x Oigona, Natural Bacteria Princess (LB)

2 x Lactis, Natural Bacteria

3 x Nihokokabi, Natural Bacteria (LB)


2 x Bad Medicine

2 x Lovely Bio


1 x Bio Hazard / Fatal Punish (bet 2)

1 x Four Color Miasma

1 x Flaming Dragon, Poisonous Snake

1 x Bloody Slash

1 x Spread Death


Nanashi, That Nothing

Nanashi, That One Remodeled

Nanashi, That Two Remodeled

Nanashi, That Three Remodeled

Nanashi, That Four Another (Bet 2)

Green Emerald Enhancement (Mel) Green

Signi: (40 w/ spells & 20 LB's)From level 1-4

4 x Servant O2

4 x Code Eat Torochee (Acc)

3 x Code Eat Fripota (LB)

2 x Servant D (LB)

3 x Code Eat Fried Egg (Acc)

4 x Code Eat Ketchu (LB & Acc)

3 x Code Eat Curry

2 x Code Eat Burger

3 x Code Eat Teaksauce (LB & Acc)

4 x Code Order Steak (LB)

4 x Code Eat Hambur (LB)


2 x Three Swords

2 x Extreme Food


1 x Common Destiny

1 x Pluralism Depiction

1 x Painful Separation from Loved Ones (bet 1)

1 x Vanish Like Mist

1 x Storm Warning






Mel-Martini (Bet 3)

Red Ruby Reinforcement (Ril) Red

Signi: (40 w/ spells & 20 LB's)From level 1-4

4 x Perry, Black Ship of the Foreign Country (LB)

3 x Servant O2

3 x Servant D2

4 x Nohime, Returning Butterfly of Earnestness (LB)

3 x Alexand, Peerless Conquest (LB & Rise)

2 x Bors, Round Table of the Holy Body

4 x Sanzo, Tibetan of the Golden Mountain

3 x Akechi, Ruler of Three Days (LB & Rise)

3 x Goku, Western Monkey of the Sage's Stone (LB & Rise)

3 x Odanobu, Great Demon of Pride (LB & Rise)


2 x Ark of Fighting Spirit

2 x One Swing of the Divine Current

2 x Three Swords


1 x Your Flame, Martyred Name / Destruct Through

1 x Dragon Extinguishing Chain

1 x Phosphorescent Samsara / Flaming Dragon, Poisonous Snake

1 x Flameless Isolation (bet 2)

1 x Finishing Touches on the Fire Dragon (bet 2)

LRIG: (From 0-4)

Ril, Memory of Innocence

Ril, Memory of Mutual Favor

Ril, Memory of Shaking

Ril, Memory of the Blue Sky

Ril, Memory of Truth (bet 1)

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