So just to make things clear, if you do not want spoilers, do not read this blog post.



Okay then, you have been warned, so let's begin with the list of points I brought up from the 'new' footage in infected/spread's storyline.

  • First 8 minutes (the preview) are played before abruptly cutting to the end of episode 1.
  • Shortly after Ruko first meets Iona (I mean Kuro... Actually, Yuki), Ulith thinks about Sachi.
  • Before Ruko's battle with Yuki!Iona, she has a nightmare about being engrossed in the Selector Battle, complete with excited BATTORU Tama, Yuki!Iona and Ulith.
  • New footage with Ulith in the aftermath of Yuki!Iona's battle with Ruko is shown.
  • Ulith is challenged by Hiroko, Hanare's Selector.
  • During the battle, Ulith recalls her past with Sachi when she was still Rumi.
  • The flashback from Ulith's explanation of her reason of battling to Ruko is redrawn partially, now with blood covering both her face and hand.
  • After recovering from her stab wound by Akira, Ulith almost leaves the hospital.
  • She wanders into a room where she sees Sachi's unconscious body on life support.
  • After freaking out an elderly folk in the room, Ulith leaves (I'm curently unsure if she had pulled a Remember or not during that scene, depending on just visual interpretation with no subs at the time. Will cross out this bracket portion if incorrect).
  • Ruko's battle with Mayu commences as normal, the same as in Spread, only it ends with the White Room crumbling to pieces and fading to black at that point, skipping over the portion where Ruko finally makes her last wish with (Majesty Lord/Yūgō) Mayu.
  • Extended Spread ending begins. Cue Ever After by Cyua. Hanayo and Midoriko briefly talk with one another during this portion. Ruko figures out where Tama is and reunites with her at last.
  • Tama licks one of Ruko's tears (RukoxTama confirmed... sort of?), then both hug it out as Ruko cries.
  • Cut to empty space where Ulith (who was presumed to be dead in the last episode), covered up in a murky aura thinking about everything she has done, only for Sachi to appear and seemingly redeem her in spite of everything that has happened.
  • Scene cuts back and forth between Ulith and Sachi and where Ruko and Tama are until the credits, complete with Love your enemies rolls on, ending the movie (thanks for one last ride Kanon Wakeshima).
  • And now, the wait for Lostorage begins (could someone inform me of whether the upcoming series is a continuation/direct sequel?)
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