Out of boredom and the WIXOSS anniversery tourney ending, I decided to make a WIXOSS tourney.

There are gonna be little to no people trying to join, but hey, can't hurt to try.

How the games will work

You will have 3 decks with seperate LRIGs.

When the match starts, you'll tell your opponent the 3 decks you have. Then, your opponent chooses one of the 3. This chosen deck can't be used for that match. Then the games begin. If you win with one deck, you cannot use that deck again. The requirement for moving on in the round is winning with both decks.

(I totally didn't just reuse the exact rules the WEBXOSS anniversary tourney used)

All Mayu's Room restrictions will be applied in this tourney.

Send all decks to tachikazemaster@gmail.com, along with match replays.

Not much else to say here.

Now I'll head off to shameless advertisement.

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