Kana (仮名) フィアパトラ
Romaji (ローマ字) Fia Patora
Color BlackIcon Black
Card Type SIGNI
Level 4
Power 12000
Limiting Condition Hanare limited
Class War Spirit: Poison Fang
Card Abilities
Constant: When the power of your opponent's SIGNI is decreased, until end of turn, this SIGNI gets power equal to the decrease.
On-Play: Add 1 level 1 <Poison Fang> SIGNI from your trash to your hand.
Action Until end of turn, decrease this SIGNI's power by 20000: Your opponent discards 1 card from their hand, then puts 1 of their SIGNI into the trash. This ability can only be used once per turn. (Power can't be decreased to less than 0.)
Life Burst Life Burst: Add up to 2 <Poison Fang> SIGNI from your trash to your hand.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Life Burst:あなたのトラッシュから<毒牙>のシグニ2枚まで手札に加える。
WX-13 Unfeigned Selector (WX13-036 - SR - 5/19/2016)
  • Flavor: 胸に残る毒の香が、わらわの生きた証じゃ。~パトラ~
  • Illust: 紅緒

WX-13 Unfeigned Selector (WX13-109 - Secret - 5/19/2016)

  • Flavor: 絶世の美女には絶世の奉があるもの。~パトラ~
  • Illust: 紅緒
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