WX15 TK-02

A virus token card.

A Virus (ウィルス U~irusu) is a game object that can be manipulated by the LRIG Nanashi and her Bacteria SIGNI.

The effects of certain cards put Viruses on your opponent's SIGNI Zones. As long as a SIGNI Zone has a Virus on it, SIGNI on those SIGNI Zones are infected (感染状態 kansen jōtai). Being infected has no effects in itself, but infected SIGNI are susceptible to effects that specify infected SIGNI. Whenever an infected SIGNI is moved to another SIGNI Zone without a Virus, it is no longer infected.

A SIGNI Zone can only have one Virus on it at a time.

Colors White WhiteRed RedBlue BlueGreen GreenBlack Black
Not a Color Colorless Colorless
Card Types LRIG (Assist) ● ARTSSIGNISpellResonaKeyPieceCraft
Parts of a Card LevelLimiting ConditionUse Timing
Game Zones Check ZoneDeckEner zoneField (SIGNI Zone, LRIG Zone, Cheer Zone)
HandLife clothLRIG deckLRIG trashTrash
Game Mechanics AbilityAttackBanishCoinCostCrushDamageDiscardDrawExclude
Ener ChargeExceedFreezeGrowLife BurstUp/DownRefreshRemove
Keywords AccessoryAssassinBlood crystal armBeatBetChainCharmCheer girlConvert
Cross (Heaven) ● DecorateDouble CrushEncoreGateGuardLancerLayerMulti EnerPuppet
Ride (Drive) ● RiseSeed (Bloom) ● ShadowS LancerSubscriberTrapTriple CrushVirus
Miscellaneous FAQsFormats (Key SelectionAll-Star) ● Mayu's RoomRule processingTrigger ability
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