For the outdated version of this guide written sometime during mid-Key Selection, see WIXOSS Player's Guide/Legacy.

You're probably here because you heard about this neat new card game finally, finally getting an English version after, like, seven years. Or perhaps you're here because you've watched one of the WIXOSS anime series and want to know more about the card game. Maybe you're here for the moé designs (aren't we all).

In any of these cases, you've come to the right place.

What is WIXOSS?[]

WIXOSS is a trading card game where you control a team of three LRIGs, one leader, called the center LRIG, and two allies, called assist LRIGs. During the course of the game, you can grow your LRIGs into more powerful forms, and summon SIGNI to fight for your LRIG. The object of the game is to crush all seven of your opponent's Life Cloth, leaving them vulnerable to a final attack that if successful, wins you the game. To defend against enemy attacks, players can put SIGNI in the way of enemy SIGNI and use their assist LRIGs and Guards to defend themselves from damage. Upon taking damage, players can use the crushed cards' Life Burst effects to make a comeback.

In English WIXOSS, there are currently six playable LRIGs and two available teams, although this number will soon rise rapidly. Each LRIG is sorted into one of five colors: White.png white, Red.png red, Blue.png blue, Green.png green, and Black.png black. Each LRIG and the teams they are a part of have their own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, partially determined by its color.

Compared to other card games, WIXOSS:

  • Is very skill-based. Complex decisions are made throughout the entire game, including how to maximize your resources' impact and when to use your assist LRIGs (which are a precious limited resource). There is usually more than one valid line of play, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The chance of random variance affecting the result decreases as the game goes on; drawing two cards every turn, the constant accessibility of defensive responses, and the high amount of draw and search effects mean that winning or losing by the luck of the draw is rarely a factor.
  • Has a lot of back-and-forth. One player securing an early advantage and staying ahead the entire match rarely happens due to the high amount of comeback mechanics. Due to Life Bursts and vanished SIGNI going to the Ener Zone, executing a powerful play comes with the drawback that your opponent (if they survive) has more resources to utilize on their next turn. The more damaging the play, the more resources they have to launch a counterattack with.
  • Allows for plenty of deck-building options. While most decks primarily run cards of a certain color and class, there is enough flexibility allowed by Multi Ener and the aforementioned lack of draw randomness such that unusual, unexpected, situational tech choices are perfectly usable, and in some decks, recommended to play around vulnerabilities in your own, as well as your opponents' decks. Situational cards can be used at one or two copies, and still have an impact on the game without suffering too much consistency loss.
  • Unusual playstyles are available to those who are willing to take a step outside the standard decks. There are plenty of opportunities for creativity and expression in the way you build and play your decks.
  • Has minimal power creep. Power creep is inevitable, and new cards may cause some older cards to lose relevancy. However, the introduction of newer cards increases the pool of competitive cards (by increasing the amount of competitive options) more than it causes obsolescence (by being strictly better than older cards).
  • Has cute girls.

WIXOSS communities[]

Before you get into this game, you're gonna need to find people who will show you the ropes. Obviously, I am one of them, but I can't be the only one. There are plenty of people out there experienced in the game who can give you advice about decks and rules, respond to requests for games, or make memes. The most prominent English-speaking WIXOSS community, as far as I know, is the Card Games Discord server (you can also find a link on the right side of this very page). It's active and has plenty of WIXOSS players. There's a WIXOSS-dedicated Discord, but while most people have access to it, no one actually uses it to talk, instead using the Card Games server. This wiki is also a community in the loosest sense, in that there is a small group of people who frequently post comments on the wiki; however, it's hard to get them together for any consistent discussion. Still, there are people here, and any questions on rulings will be answered. There is also a subreddit, which has been getting noticeably more activity since the English edition hit.

Choose Your LRIG[]

For now, see this Google document for a list of available LRIGs.