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A Girl prayed to fulfill her wish.
Scattered strange gene "wixoss"
all around the world fusion into one form.
Searching in vain for a fight...
Victory will be the only way for her
wish to revolutionalize.
Now, shall her "Wish Across" be conquered.

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Akilovelylucky Akilovelylucky 7 October

Battle Through Tabletop Simulator Steam

Hello fellow selectors,

I've been wondering, if someone knows a way to get in touch with a tabletop simulator community. I started to play Wixoss there with my friends a while ago. However it seems th…

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Romanoff Blitzer Romanoff Blitzer 13 July

The News Feed July 2020 (WIXOSS DIVA (A) LIVE, Diva Selection, etc.)

I haven't made one of these posts in years, but I figured that a centralized post for new WIXOSS news is best when a bunch of information comes out at once.

A few days ago, Takara Tomy aired an eight-…

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A suggestion

Hi, I know I've only done a few edits here and I haven't been here long in general, but I was thinking potentially cataloging the various sets that support various kinds of Lrig and Signi so that it'…

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Welcome to the WIXOSS Wiki, the encyclopedia about the WIXOSS franchise that anyone can edit.

WIXOSS (ウィクロス Wikurosu) is a Japanese media franchise comprised of several parts:

The aim of this wiki is to record every card associated with the WIXOSS TCG, and to summarize all information pertaining to the various WIXOSS anime series and manga. Help and contributions are always welcome!

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WIXOSS (ウィクロス U~ikurosu) is a Japanese collectible card game published and developed by Takara Tomy.

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