WX-02 Stirred Selector
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Release Date June 26, 2014 (Japanese)
March 6, 2015 (Chinese)
Key Selection No
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WX-02 Stirred Selector is the second booster set in the WIXOSS TCG.


Stirred Selector is the intermediate booster set. Its pool is less than Served Selector and generally built its support on the previous release of Served Selector. It also includes Black support for the previous release of Black Desire.


Stirred Selector is the first appearance of the Red LRIG Yuzuki, with effect LRIGs at Level 3 and 4, and the Blue LRIG Eldora, with only an effect LRIG at Level 4. In addition, while this set's release of Yuzuki featured the additional Hanayo LRIG Type to utilize preexisting support, Eldora had minimal support from this set until the release of her starter deck WXD-06 Blue Request.

This set also contains an additional Level 4 LRIG variation for Tama, as well as new LRIG variations at all levels for Urith.


Stirred Selector introduced level 4 SR SIGNI for Angels, Weapons, Water Beasts, Plants, and Devils, the former three classes being previously introduced in Served Selector. Including Arms, Gems, Electric Machines, Earth Beasts, further support was released for all these SIGNI classes in this set.

This set also introduced the Black SIGNI class Ancient Weapons.


  • LR: 6
  • LC: 14
  • SR: 8
  • R: 16
  • C: 36
  • Secret: 7
  • ???: 1

Total: 80 (+8 secret and ???)


Card ListEdit

NoCard NameRarityColorType
WX02-001 Tamayorihime, Sweet Olive Miko LR White LRIG
WX02-002 Yuzuki Four, Fire of Nature LR Red LRIG
WX02-003 Eldora×Mark IV LR Blue LRIG
WX02-004 Urith, Infinite Enma LR Black LRIG
WX02-005 White Hope LR White ARTS
WX02-006 Black Desire LR Black ARTS
WX02-007 Yuzuki Three, Roaring Flame Sin LC Red LRIG
WX02-008 Yuzuki Two, Regretful Flame LC Red LRIG
WX02-009 Yuzuki One, the Flame LC Red LRIG
WX02-010 Eldora×Mark III LC Blue LRIG
WX02-011 Eldora×Mark II LC Blue LRIG
WX02-012 Eldora×Mark I LC Blue LRIG
WX02-013 Urith, Enma of Screaming Hell LC Black LRIG
WX02-014 Urith, Enma of Black Rope Hell LC Black LRIG
WX02-015 Urith, Enma of Reviving Hell LC Black LRIG
WX02-016 Gothic Boundary LC White ARTS
WX02-017 Burning Spirit LC Red ARTS
WX02-018 Fiery Spring Landscape LC Red ARTS
WX02-019 Cross Life Cloth LC Blue ARTS
WX02-020 Bloody Slash LC Black ARTS
WX02-021 Arcgain, Archangel of Pioneering SR White SIGNI
WX02-022 Gunsnipe, Ballista SR Red SIGNI
WX02-023 Spiral Carmilla, Water Phantom Princess SR Blue SIGNI
WX02-024 Gauche Agnes, Natural Plant Princess SR Green SIGNI
WX02-025 Anna Mirage, Devil Princess SR Black SIGNI
WX02-026 Wish Crisis SR White Spell
WX02-027 Price of Scorched Earth SR Red Spell
WX02-028 Enigma Aura SR Black Spell
WX02-029 Mitsurugi, Treasured Instrument R White SIGNI
WX02-030 Mikagami, Treasured Instrument R White SIGNI
WX02-031 Get Bound R White Spell
WX02-032 Opalal, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI
WX02-033 Carnelian, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI
WX02-034 Unwanted Impulse R Red Spell
WX02-035 Code Art CPU R Blue SIGNI
WX02-036 Code Art GRB R Blue SIGNI
WX02-037 SPRASH R Blue Spell
WX02-038 Kiji, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI
WX02-039 Hachi, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI
WX02-040 Plant Wear R Green Spell
WX02-041 Heavy Loss R Green Spell
WX02-042 Code Anti Palbek R Black SIGNI
WX02-043 Code Anti Kythera R Black SIGNI
WX02-044 Baal, Reason of the Mortal Sin R Black SIGNI
WX02-045 Sacrifice Slash R Black Spell
WX02-046 Kiuael, Faint Smile of Sacrifice C White SIGNI
WX02-047 Ciel, Fictitious Love C White SIGNI
WX02-048 Magatama, Treasured Instrument C White SIGNI
WX02-049 Saniel, Focus of Philanthropy C White SIGNI
WX02-050 Sword Ability C White Spell
WX02-051 Launchergear, Roaring Gun C Red SIGNI
WX02-052 MP5, Explosive Gun C Red SIGNI
WX02-053 Hisui, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI
WX02-054 Smith, Small Gun C Red SIGNI
WX02-055 Jeweled Sword of Shining Desire C Red Spell
WX02-056 Octo, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI
WX02-057 Pearl, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI
WX02-058 Code Art MMR C Blue SIGNI
WX02-059 Kozame, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI
WX02-060 SEARCHER C Blue Spell
WX02-061 BLUEGAIN C Blue Spell
WX02-062 Mizuaoi, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI
WX02-063 Lotus, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI
WX02-064 Monkey, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI
WX02-065 Suberia, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI
WX02-066 Abundance C Green Spell
WX02-067 Lilith, Recurring Nightmare C Black SIGNI
WX02-068 Morriga, Devil's Bravery C Black SIGNI
WX02-069 Code Anti Nebra C Black SIGNI
WX02-070 Anima, Reaper of Truth C Black SIGNI
WX02-071 Code Anti Delhi C Black SIGNI
WX02-072 Code Anti Machupi C Black SIGNI
WX02-073 Code Anti Texahammer C Black SIGNI
WX02-074 Grim, Melancholy of Lesser Sins C Black SIGNI
WX02-075 Grave Maker C Black Spell
WX02-076 Servant Q2 C Colorless SIGNI
WX02-077 Servant T2 C Colorless SIGNI
WX02-078 Servant D2 C Colorless SIGNI
WX02-079 Servant O2 C Colorless SIGNI
WX02-080 Recalled Blessing C Colorless Spell
WX02-081 Eldora×Mark IV Secret Blue LRIG
WX02-082 Urith, Infinite Enma Secret Black LRIG
WX02-083 Arcgain, Archangel of Pioneering Secret White SIGNI
WX02-084 Gunsnipe, Ballista Secret Red SIGNI
WX02-085 Spiral Carmilla, Water Phantom Princess Secret Blue SIGNI
WX02-086 Gauche Agnes, Natural Plant Princess Secret Green SIGNI
WX02-087 Anna Mirage, Devil Princess Secret Black SIGNI
WX02-??? Urith ??? Black LRIG

Chinese exclusivesEdit

The Chinese version of WX-02 Stirred Selector includes the cards from WX-03 Spread Selector, whose card numbering continues where the normal WX-02 numbering ends.

NoCard NameRarityColorType
WX02-088 Umr-Fyra, Wielder of the Key of Creation LR Black LRIG
WX02-089 Holy Act LR White ARTS
WX02-090 Gorgeous Hellfire LR Red ARTS
WX02-091 Two Dust LR Blue ARTS
WX02-092 Body and Soul LR Green ARTS
WX02-093 Tamayorihime, Sky Miko LC White LRIG
WX02-094 Hanayo Pure Four LC Red LRIG
WX02-095 Code Piruluk Sigma LC Blue LRIG
WX02-096 Midoriko, Type Four LC Green LRIG
WX02-097 Urith, Black Sand Enma LC Black LRIG
WX02-098 Umr-Tre, Wielder of the Key of Creation LC Black LRIG
WX02-099 Umr-Två, Wielder of the Key of Creation LC Black LRIG
WX02-100 Umr-Ett, Wielder of the Key of Creation LC Black LRIG
WX02-101 Dead Splash LC Black ARTS
WX02-102 Death Colossao LC Black ARTS
WX02-103 Rabiel, Protector of Holy Arts SR White SIGNI
WX02-104 Pencilrocket, Explosive Gun SR Red SIGNI
WX02-105 Kareira, Water Phantom SR Blue SIGNI
WX02-106 Marigold, Natural Plant SR Green SIGNI
WX02-107 Code Anti Partheno SR Black SIGNI
WX02-108 Lost Technology SR Black Spell
WX02-109 Samidare, Ultimate Sword R White SIGNI
WX02-110 Kakumaru, Hand Sword R White SIGNI
WX02-111 Get Grow R White Spell
WX02-112 Shizuku, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI
WX02-113 Ayabon, Hand Grenade R Red SIGNI
WX02-114 End of Eternity R Red Spell
WX02-115 Code Art RGN R Blue SIGNI
WX02-116 Code Art SF R Blue SIGNI
WX02-117 PICK UP R Blue Spell
WX02-118 Beiar, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI
WX02-119 Kano, Natural Plant R Green SIGNI
WX02-120 Super Loss R Green Spell
WX02-121 Code Anti Costaric R Black SIGNI
WX02-122 Code Anti Yanmen Pass R Black SIGNI
WX02-123 Overflowing Knowledge R Colorless Spell
WX02-124 Archold, Gospel of the Future C White SIGNI
WX02-125 Zantetsu, Kunai C White SIGNI
WX02-126 Claymore, Trap Gun C Red SIGNI
WX02-127 Corundum, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI
WX02-128 Hiramena, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI
WX02-129 Code Art KEY C Blue SIGNI
WX02-130 ICE BREAK C Blue Spell
WX02-131 Glamis, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI
WX02-132 Komaris, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI
WX02-133 Strike Impact C Green Spell
WX02-134 Code Anti Aztec C Black SIGNI
WX02-135 Code Anti Cryskull C Black SIGNI
WX02-136 Self Slash C Black Spell
WX02-137 Lives Gut C Black Spell

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