WX-04 Infected Selector
インフェクテッド セレクター
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Release Date October 23, 2014
May 24, 2015 (Chinese)
Formats All-Star
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WX-04 Infected Selector is the fourth booster pack of the WIXOSS TCG.


Infected Selector is the second primary booster set, similar to that of Served Selector. It introduces a very wide range of completely new SIGNI classes and new game mechanics and features, as well as additional support for previous releases. It also included some collaborative works with Lord of Vermilion.


The set includes new Level 4 LRIG cards for Tama, Yuzuki, and Urith, with Urith receiving two cards and Tama and Yuzuki also receiving a Level 3 card each. Piruluk also received a level 2 card and Midoriko is given a level 3 card. Unlike her previous LRIG cards, Yuzuki's new LRIG cards do not feature Hanayo LRIG type.

Iona also gains LRIG cards without abilities from levels 1 through 3, as well as gaining the first appearance of a level 5 LRIG.

Finally, Infected Selector introduces new LRIGs from the anime, the blue LRIG Milulun and the green LRIG Anne, as well as their support.


Infected Selector features the new SIGNI classes aimed towards the new line of LRIGs or previously unsupported LRIGs: Yuzuki's Red Dragon Beasts, Milulun's Blue Atoms, Anne's Green Beautiful Techniques, and Iona's Black Poison Fangs.

Additionally, the set includes support for Labyrinths, Angels, Arms supporting Weapons, Gems, Water Beasts, Electric Machines, Plants, Earth Beasts, Ancient Weapons, and Devils.

The new classes Dragon Beasts, Atoms, Beautiful Techniques, and Poison Fangs, as well as the previously released Labyrinths, all gained SR-rarity SIGNI within Infected Selector.

Non-effect SIGNIs were released for most of the SIGNI classes that were missing them: Angels, Weapons, Water Beasts, Plants, and Ancient Weapons.

The Colorless Origin Spirit class also gained Servant X, a level 4 SIGNI without Guard that focuses on supporting other Origin Spirits.


  • LR: 6
  • LC: 22
  • SR: 10
  • R: 16
  • C: 51
  • Secret: 8
  • ???: 2

Total: 115 (107 unique cards)


Card List[]

No Card Name Rarity Color Type
WX04-001 Tamayorihime, Vermilion Miko LR White LRIG
WX04-002 Yuzuki Four Armament LR Red LRIG
WX04-003 Milulun Yocto LR Blue LRIG
WX04-004 Anne-Fourth, Melody of Horror LR Green LRIG
WX04-005 Iona, Ultima/Maiden LR Black LRIG
WX04-006 Urith, Vermilion Enma LR Black LRIG
WX04-007 Tamayorihime, Sixteenth Night Miko LC White LRIG
WX04-008 Fafnir LC White ARTS
WX04-009 Yuzuki Three Armament LC Red LRIG
WX04-010 Rekindling Effort LC Red ARTS
WX04-011 Code Piruluk E LC Blue LRIG
WX04-012 Milulun Femto LC Blue LRIG
WX04-013 Milulun Pico LC Blue LRIG
WX04-014 Milulun Nano LC Blue LRIG
WX04-015 Mind Mines LC Blue ARTS
WX04-016 Midoriko, Abundant Girl Type Three LC Green LRIG
WX04-017 Anne-Third, Trusting Oracle LC Green LRIG
WX04-018 Anne-Second, Value of Excess Knowledge LC Green LRIG
WX04-019 Anne-First, Creation of the Imagination LC Green LRIG
WX04-020 Golden Opportunity LC Green ARTS
WX04-021 Urith, Enma of Suffering LC Black LRIG
WX04-022 Iona, Pluto/Maiden LC Black LRIG
WX04-023 Iona, Uranus/Maiden LC Black LRIG
WX04-024 Iona, Nepto/Maiden LC Black LRIG
WX04-025 Dark Matter LC Black ARTS
WX04-026 Oversalvage LC Colorless ARTS
WX04-027 Doping LC Colorless ARTS
WX04-028 Banishing LC Colorless ARTS
WX04-029 Code Labyrinth Queen SR White SIGNI
WX04-030 Tri Signal SR White Spell
WX04-031 Orochi, Phantom Dragon Princess SR Red SIGNI
WX04-032 Expelling Flames of the Dragon Phoenix SR Red Spell
WX04-033 Neon, Natural Source Princess SR Blue SIGNI
WX04-034 SHORT SR Blue Spell
WX04-035 Contempora, Inexplicable Superboast SR Green SIGNI
WX04-036 Rebirth SR Green Spell
WX04-037 Vier-Rikabuto SR Black SIGNI
WX04-038 Violence Splash SR Black Spell
WX04-039 Gabrie, Future of the Archangel R White SIGNI
WX04-040 Hammer, Ultimate Breaker R White SIGNI
WX04-041 Code Maze Skyju R White SIGNI
WX04-042 Stinger, Ballista R Red SIGNI
WX04-043 Obsidian, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI
WX04-044 Tyranno, Phantom Dragon R Red SIGNI
WX04-045 Ouika, Water Phantom R Blue SIGNI
WX04-046 Code Art ACG R Blue SIGNI
WX04-047 Helium, Natural Source R Blue SIGNI
WX04-048 Utsuboka, Natural Plant R Green SIGNI
WX04-049 Shienko, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI
WX04-050 Cubi, Distorted Reality R Green SIGNI
WX04-051 Code Anti Ouroboros R Black SIGNI
WX04-052 Paimon, Fallen Nihilism R Black SIGNI
WX04-053 Drei-Capsule R Black SIGNI
WX04-054 Servant X R Colorless SIGNI
WX04-055 Raphae, From Your Tomorrow C White SIGNI
WX04-056 Axe, Large Breaker C White SIGNI
WX04-057 Urie, Sudden Ruination C White SIGNI
WX04-058 Code Maze Tajmaha C White SIGNI
WX04-059 Mornin, Medium Breaker C White SIGNI
WX04-060 Sarie, Improvement of Historical Fact C White SIGNI
WX04-061 Code Maze Towerb C White SIGNI
WX04-062 Stick, Small Breaker C White SIGNI
WX04-063 Get Gate C White Spell
WX04-064 No Gain C White Spell
WX04-065 Drasto, Roaring Gun C Red SIGNI
WX04-066 Tanza, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI
WX04-067 Nineteen, Explosive Gun C Red SIGNI
WX04-068 Wyvern, Phantom Dragon C Red SIGNI
WX04-069 Turquo, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI
WX04-070 Derrin, Small Gun C Red SIGNI
WX04-071 Topaz, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI
WX04-072 Echidna, Phantom Dragon C Red SIGNI
WX04-073 Twisted Dance of Flame Destruction C Red Spell
WX04-074 Doubting Lament C Red Spell
WX04-075 Kurage, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI
WX04-076 Code Art DEF C Blue SIGNI
WX04-077 Hitode, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI
WX04-078 Code Art RPG C Blue SIGNI
WX04-079 Fluorine, Natural Source C Blue SIGNI
WX04-080 Clione, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI
WX04-081 Chlorine, Natural Source C Blue SIGNI
WX04-082 Code Art SML C Blue SIGNI
WX04-083 PRECIOUS C Blue Spell
WX04-084 ATTRACTION C Blue Spell
WX04-085 Droso, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI
WX04-086 Tosa, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI
WX04-087 Haetori, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI
WX04-088 Beagle, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI
WX04-089 Surrelis, Unresolved Deviation C Green SIGNI
WX04-090 Mousen, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI
WX04-091 Chihuahuan, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI
WX04-092 Puri, Innocuous Match C Green SIGNI
WX04-093 Inactivity C Green Spell
WX04-094 Angry Roar C Green Spell
WX04-095 Code Anti Nazca C Black SIGNI
WX04-096 Oriens, Fallen Transgression C Black SIGNI
WX04-097 Code Anti Ashoka C Black SIGNI
WX04-098 Maymon, Fallen Confession C Black SIGNI
WX04-099 Zwei-Sarina C Black SIGNI
WX04-100 Code Anti Henge C Black SIGNI
WX04-101 Ein-Dagger C Black SIGNI
WX04-102 Ariton, Fallen Annihilation C Black SIGNI
WX04-103 Evil's Soul C Black Spell
WX04-104 End Slash C Black Spell
WX04-105 Growing Future C Colorless Spell
WX04-106 Milulun Yocto Secret Blue LRIG
WX04-107 Anne-Fourth, Melody of Horror Secret Green LRIG
WX04-108 Iona, Ultima/Maiden Secret Black LRIG
WX04-109 Code Labyrinth Queen Secret White SIGNI
WX04-110 Orochi, Phantom Dragon Princess Secret Red SIGNI
WX04-111 Neon, Natural Source Princess Secret Blue SIGNI
WX04-112 Contempora, Inexplicable Superboast Secret Green SIGNI
WX04-113 Vier-Rikabuto Secret Black SIGNI
WX04-??? Eldora ??? Blue LRIG
WX04-??? Iona ??? Black LRIG

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