WX-05 Beginning Selector
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Release Date December 20, 2014 (Japanese)

August 2015 (Chinese)

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WX-04 Infected Selector WX-06 Fortune Selector

WX-05 Beginning Selector is the fifth booster set in the WIXOSS TCG, following Infected Selector and followed by Fortune Selector. It was released on the air date of selector spread WIXOSS Episode 12.


  • Introduces level 5 LRIGs and SIGNI.


  • LR: 6
  • LC: 11
  • SR: 10
  • R: 18
  • C: 36
  • Secret: 7
  • ???: 2

Total: 90 (83 unique cards)


Card ListEdit

NoCard NameRarityColorType
WX05-001 Mayu, Genesis Miko LR White LRIG
WX05-002 Hanayo Five LR Red LRIG
WX05-003 Code Piruluk ACRO LR Blue LRIG
WX05-004 Midoriko, Type Five LR Green LRIG
WX05-005 Tamayorihime, Sunspot Miko LR Black LRIG
WX05-006 Urith, Enma of Nothingness LR Colorless LRIG
WX05-007 Last Select LC White ARTS
WX05-008 Yuzuki Five LC Red LRIG
WX05-009 Lit Situation LC Red ARTS
WX05-010 Eldora-Mark V LC Blue LRIG
WX05-011 Milulun Tico LC Blue LRIG
WX05-012 Fortune Five LC Blue ARTS
WX05-013 Anne Fifth, Violating God Seal LC Green LRIG
WX05-014 Different Strokes LC Green ARTS
WX05-015 Hate Impress LC Black ARTS
WX05-016 End Hole LC Colorless ARTS
WX05-017 Lucky Guard LC Colorless ARTS
WX05-018 Arc Energe, Original Spear SR White SIGNI
WX05-019 Code Labyrinth Louvre SR White SIGNI
WX05-020 Diabride, Natural Pyroxene SR Red SIGNI
WX05-021 Mušḫuššu, Phantom Dragon Princess SR Red SIGNI
WX05-022 Code Love Heart CMR SR Blue SIGNI
WX05-023 Uranium, Natural Source SR Blue SIGNI
WX05-024 Lion, Phantom Beast Deity SR Green SIGNI
WX05-025 Suiboku, Single Stroke Worthy of Nobility SR Green SIGNI
WX05-026 Code Ancients Necronomico SR Black SIGNI
WX05-027 Luciferl, Fallen Talented Woman SR Black SIGNI
WX05-028 Aphrodite, Flower Bloom of Late Beginnings R White SIGNI
WX05-029 Gaevolg, Ultimate Spear R White SIGNI
WX05-030 Get Grimoire R White Spell
WX05-031 Goddra, Phantom Dragon R Red SIGNI
WX05-032 Avenger, Ballista R Red SIGNI
WX05-033 Peridot, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI
WX05-034 Most Treasured Fragment R Red Spell
WX05-035 Radon, Natural Source R Blue SIGNI
WX05-036 Jinbei, Water Phantom R Blue SIGNI
WX05-037 Code Art SPK R Blue SIGNI
WX05-038 SPIRAL R Blue Spell
WX05-039 Dot, Limited Expression R Green SIGNI
WX05-040 Sakura, Natural Plant R Green SIGNI
WX05-041 Rhino, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI
WX05-042 Increasing Force R Green Spell
WX05-043 Vier-Vial R Black SIGNI
WX05-044 Code Anti Marsface R Black SIGNI
WX05-045 Final Destruction R Black Spell
WX05-046 Code Maze Sagfami C White SIGNI
WX05-047 Lævateinn, Greatsword C White SIGNI
WX05-048 Code Maze Metron C White SIGNI
WX05-049 Brionac, Medium Spear C White SIGNI
WX05-050 Code Maze Michel C White SIGNI
WX05-051 Engetsu, Small Sword C White SIGNI
WX05-052 Get Almandal C White Spell
WX05-053 Eingana, Phantom Dragon C Red SIGNI
WX05-054 Lintwurm, Phantom Dragon C Red SIGNI
WX05-055 Kannya, Phantom Dragon C Red SIGNI
WX05-056 Komodo, Phantom Dragon C Red SIGNI
WX05-057 Cuélep, Phantom Dragon C Red SIGNI
WX05-058 Tokage, Phantom Dragon C Red SIGNI
WX05-059 Life-Extending Selection C Red Spell
WX05-060 Manganese, Natural Source C Blue SIGNI
WX05-061 Thorium, Natural Source C Blue SIGNI
WX05-062 Titanium, Natural Source C Blue SIGNI
WX05-063 Actinium, Natural Source C Blue SIGNI
WX05-064 Sulfur, Natural Source C Blue SIGNI
WX05-065 Chromium, Natural Source C Blue SIGNI
WX05-066 RAINY C Blue Spell
WX05-067 Maki-e, Approximation of Tradition C Green SIGNI
WX05-068 Colla, Opposing Methodology C Green SIGNI
WX05-069 Pop, Vividly Famous Party C Green SIGNI
WX05-070 Ameco, Generous Light and Dark C Green SIGNI
WX05-071 Origami, Uniform Requirements C Green SIGNI
WX05-072 Crayon, Endorsement of Graffiti C Green SIGNI
WX05-073 Howl C Green Spell
WX05-074 Drei-Spore C Black SIGNI
WX05-075 Code Anti Arahabaki C Black SIGNI
WX05-076 Loki, Bewitching Magic C Black SIGNI
WX05-077 Zwei-Cobra C Black SIGNI
WX05-078 Ahriman, Fallen Glance C Black SIGNI
WX05-079 Ein-Gas C Black SIGNI
WX05-080 Hecate, Sloth of Mission C Black SIGNI
WX05-081 Revive Flare C Black Spell
WX05-082 Mayu, Genesis Miko Secret White LRIG
WX05-083 Urith, Enma of Nothingness Secret Colorless LRIG
WX05-084 Yuzuki Five Secret Red LRIG
WX05-085 Code Piruluk ACRO Secret Blue LRIG
WX05-086 Eldora-Mark V Secret Blue LRIG
WX05-087 Milulun Tico Secret Blue LRIG
WX05-088 Anne Fifth, Violating God Seal Secret Green LRIG
WX05-??? Hanayo  ??? Red LRIG
WX05-??? Yuzuki  ??? Red LRIG

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