WX-06 Fortune Selector
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Release Date February 28, 2015 (Japanese)

September 18, 2015 (Chinese)

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WX-06 Fortune Selector is the sixth booster set in the WIXOSS TCG, following Beginning Selector. It is followed by Next Selector.


Fortune Selector is the second supplementary booster set. Like its predecessor, it has a smaller card pool than the two sets before it.

Fortune Selector is the first appearance of the LRIG Tawil.


  • LR: 6
  • LC: 9
  • SR: 6
  • R: 20
  • C: 15
  • Secret: 5
  • ???: 3

Total: 56 (+8 secret)


Card ListEdit

NoCard NameRarityColorType
WX06-001 Tawil-Fyra, Prolonged of Life LR White LRIG
WX06-002 Pinch Defense LR White ARTS
WX06-003 Interwoven Fire and Fortune LR Red ARTS
WX06-004 Don't Escape LR Blue ARTS
WX06-005 Vanish Like Mist LR Green ARTS
WX06-006 Ancient Gate LR Black ARTS
WX06-007 Tawil-Tre, Prolonged of Life LC White LRIG
WX06-008 Tawil-Två, Prolonged of Life LC White LRIG
WX06-009 Tawil-Ett, Prolonged of Life LC White LRIG
WX06-010 Tawil-Noll, Prolonged of Life LC White LRIG
WX06-011 Soap Summon LC White ARTS
WX06-012 Milulun Atto LC Blue LRIG
WX06-013 Anne-Third, Public Repentance LC Green LRIG
WX06-014 Umr-Fem, Wielder of the Key of Creation LC Black LRIG
WX06-015 Spell Salvage LC Colorless ARTS
WX06-016 Munkarun, Elder Sister Deity of the Holy Tomb SR White SIGNI
WX06-017 Nyalove, Ultimate Fist SR White SIGNI
WX06-018 Flathro Colonel, Crossbow Flame SR Red SIGNI
WX06-019 Shironakuji, Water Phantom SR Blue SIGNI
WX06-020 Rafflele, Natural Plant SR Green SIGNI
WX06-021 Vier-Dio Princess SR Black SIGNI
WX06-022 Tride, Greatspear R White SIGNI
WX06-023 Nakirun, Younger Sister Deity of the Holy Tomb R White SIGNI
WX06-024 Soap Sudden R White Spell
WX06-025 Lucky Three R White Spell
WX06-026 Kakusen, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI
WX06-027 Brazaus, Phantom Dragon R Red SIGNI
WX06-028 Gear of the Flame Machine R Red Spell
WX06-029 Code Art OSS R Blue SIGNI
WX06-030 Argon, Natural Source R Blue SIGNI
WX06-031 TRICK OR TREAT R Blue Spell
WX06-032 Kuronyan, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI
WX06-033 Grid, Repeating Originality R Green SIGNI
WX06-034 One Throw R Green Spell
WX06-035 Cerberun, Three-Headed Barrage R Black SIGNI
WX06-036 Code Anti Golspe R Black SIGNI
WX06-037 Inhaling Hole R Black Spell
WX06-038 Merisa, Large Fist C White SIGNI
WX06-039 Glova, Medium Fist C White SIGNI
WX06-040 Fingu, Small Fist C White SIGNI
WX06-041 Kakouga, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI
WX06-042 Serikuga, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI
WX06-043 Hareiga, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI
WX06-044 Code Art ACD C Blue SIGNI
WX06-045 Code Art HMF C Blue SIGNI
WX06-046 Code Art DMF C Blue SIGNI
WX06-047 Kanruru, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI
WX06-048 Komorig, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI
WX06-049 Womba, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI
WX06-050 Saleos, Devil Rider C Black SIGNI
WX06-051 Saros, Devil Rider C Black SIGNI
WX06-052 Zaebos, Devil Rider C Black SIGNI
WX06-053 Tawil-Fyra, Prolonged of Life Secret White LRIG
WX06-054 Umr-Fem, Wielder of the Key of Creation Secret Black LRIG
WX06-CB01 Cyua, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI
WX06-CB02 Code Art TAP R Blue SIGNI
WX06-CB03 Kayappa, Natural Plant R Green SIGNI
WX06-CB04 Code Anti Doronjo R Black SIGNI
WX06-CB01 Cyua, Natural Stone Secret Red SIGNI
WX06-CB02 Code Art TAP Secret Blue SIGNI
WX06-CB03 Kayappa, Natural Plant Secret Green SIGNI
WX06-??? Umr  ??? Black LRIG
WX06-??? Milulun  ??? Blue LRIG
WX06-??? Anne  ??? Green LRIG

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