WX-12 Replied Selector
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Release Date March 17, 2016
Key Selection No
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WX-12 Replied Selector is the twelfth booster set in the WIXOSS TCG.

Features Edit

  • Tawil support.
  • Collaboration cards, including those illustrated by artists associated with Lord of Vermilion.
  • SIGNI whose colors are different from the colors associated with their class, allowing for decks with multiple colors to be easily built.

Breakdown Edit

  • LR: 6
  • LC: 11
  • SR: 7
  • R: 17
  • C: 17
  • Re: 22
  • Secret: 13
  •  ???: 1

Total: 80


WX-12 Box

Replied Selector Booster Box

WX-12 Promo Poster

Replied Selector Promotional Poster

Card List Edit

NoCard NameRarityColorTypeLevel
WX12-001 Tawil-Fem, Prolonged of Life LR White LRIG 5
WX12-002 Yuzuki Four, Vermilion Maiden LR Red/Green LRIG 4
WX12-003 Code Piruluk VERMILION LR Blue/Black LRIG 4
WX12-004 Dragon-Guided Wave LR Red ARTS -
WX12-005 Cthulhu Call LR Black ARTS -
WX12-006 Freefall, Green Fourth Play LR Green Resona 4
WX12-007 Yuki, Miko of Deep Emotion LC White LRIG 3
WX12-008 Tawil-Tre, the Opener LC White LRIG 3
WX12-009 Crystal Break LC White ARTS -
WX12-010 White Maze Hodesapa LC White Resona 4
WX12-011 Yuzuki Three, Flower Bloom Rebellion LC Red/Green LRIG 3
WX12-012 Code Piruluk Phi LC Blue/Black LRIG 3
WX12-013 Draw Dissolve LC Blue ARTS -
WX12-014 Arowana Panic LC Blue ARTS -
WX12-015 #Tyrazaus#, Green Phantom Dragon LC Green Resona 4
WX12-016 Umr-Tre, Wielder of the Key of Impartiality LC Black LRIG 3
WX12-017 Dark Art †MGT† LC Black Resona 3
WX12-018 Gabrielt, Future of the True Angel SR White SIGNI 5
WX12-019 Flathro Lieutenant General, Crossbow Flame SR Red SIGNI 4
WX12-020 Daihouika, Water Phantom Princess SR Blue SIGNI 4
WX12-021 #Spazaus#, Phantom Dragon Princess SR Green SIGNI 4
WX12-022 Hawk, Phantom Beast SR Green SIGNI 3
WX12-023 Code Ancients Hellboros SR Black SIGNI 5
WX12-024 Code Heart †CCM† SR Black SIGNI 4
WX12-025 Alkes, Natural Star R White SIGNI 3
WX12-026 Leguas, Shin Armor R White SIGNI 2
WX12-027 Sahohime, Spring Princess of Smiling R White SIGNI 2
WX12-028 Velocira, Phantom Dragon R Red SIGNI 3
WX12-029 Aquamarine, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI 1
WX12-030 Code Art PSM R Blue SIGNI 2
WX12-031 Vanadium, Natural Source R Blue SIGNI 2
WX12-032 TORNADO R Blue Spell -
WX12-033 Souryuu, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI 3
WX12-034 Sunabase, Third Play R Green SIGNI 3
WX12-035 Recorders, Tone of Nostalgia R Green SIGNI 3
WX12-036 Aphud, Phantom Insect R Black SIGNI 3
WX12-037 Metsumi, Fallen Cannon Daughter R Black SIGNI 3
WX12-038 Zwei-Entora R Black SIGNI 2
WX12-039 Sayuragi, Lesser Sin of Fluctuation R Black SIGNI 1
WX12-040 Code Maze Spanacra C White SIGNI 3
WX12-041 Code Maze Ekarite C White SIGNI 2
WX12-042 Code Maze Krelim C White SIGNI 1
WX12-043 Flathro Second Lieutenant, Roaring Flame C Red SIGNI 3
WX12-044 Flathro Sergeant, Explosive Flame C Red SIGNI 2
WX12-045 Flathro Lance Corporal, Small Flame C Red SIGNI 1
WX12-046 Aorika, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI 3
WX12-047 Yariika, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI 2
WX12-048 Hotaruika, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI 1
WX12-049 INSIGHT C Blue Spell -
WX12-050 #Iguanodon#, Phantom Dragon C Green SIGNI 3
WX12-051 #Stegoceras#, Phantom Dragon C Green SIGNI 2
WX12-052 #Dracorex#, Phantom Dragon C Green SIGNI 1
WX12-053 Code Art †DRS† C Black SIGNI 3
WX12-054 Code Art †JV† C Black SIGNI 2
WX12-055 Code Art †SC† C Black SIGNI 1
WX12-056 Purple Stain C Black Spell -
WX12-057 Tawil-Fem, Prolonged of Life Secret White LRIG 5
WX12-058 Cthulhu Call Secret Black ARTS -
WX12-059 Svarog, Phantom Dragon Princess Secret Red SIGNI 4
WX12-060 Code Heart †CCM† Secret Black SIGNI 4
WX12-061 Sayuragi, Lesser Sin of Fluctuation Secret Black SIGNI 1
WX12-062 Alfou, Black-Clothed Bride Secret Black LRIG 0
WX12-CB01 Bolshack, Phantom Dragon R Red SIGNI 3
WX12-CB01 Bolshack, Phantom Dragon Secret Red SIGNI 3
WX12-CB02 Punito, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI 2
WX12-CB02 Punito, Phantom Beast Secret Green SIGNI 2
WX12-Re01 Milulun Zepto Re Blue LRIG 4
WX12-Re02 Chemical Flash Re Blue ARTS -
WX12-Re03 Welcome Draw Re Blue ARTS -
WX12-Re04 Halo Effect Re Black ARTS -
WX12-Re05 Jealousy Gaze Re Black ARTS -
WX12-Re06 Thousand Punish Re Black ARTS -
WX12-Re07 Rainbow Art Re Colorless ARTS -
WX12-Re08 Athena, Goddess of Blessing Re White SIGNI 4
WX12-Re09 Duranda, Greatsword Re White SIGNI 3
WX12-Re10 Aglaea, Innocent Brightness Re White SIGNI 1
WX12-Re11 Mikagami, Treasured Instrument Re White SIGNI 1
WX12-Re12 Ruriru, Natural Stone Re Red SIGNI 1
WX12-Re13 Rising Fist of the Flame Dragon Re Red Spell -
WX12-Re14 Nickel, Natural Source Re Blue SIGNI 4
WX12-Re15 Code Art DTP Re Blue SIGNI 3
WX12-Re16 CRYSTAL SEAL Re Blue Spell -
WX12-Re17 Tsubaki, Natural Plant Re Green SIGNI 3
WX12-Re18 Sacrifice Re Green Spell -
WX12-Re19 Cerberun, Three-Headed Barrage Re Black SIGNI 3
WX12-Re20 Belphego, Lustful Sinner Re Black SIGNI 2
WX12-Re21 Torchen Whip Re Black Spell -
WX12-Re22 Next Ready Re Colorless Spell -
WX12-TR01 Haity Secret White LRIG 0
WX12-TR02 Remember Secret White LRIG 0
WX12-TR03 Tawil Secret White LRIG 0
WX12-TR04 Alfou Secret Black LRIG 0
WX12-TR05 Umr Secret Black LRIG 0
WX12-??? Alfou  ??? Black LRIG 0
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