WX-13 Unfeigned Selector
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Release Date May 19, 2016
Formats All-Star
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WX-12 Replied Selector WX-14 Succeed Selector

WX-13 Unfeigned Selector is the thirteenth booster set in the WIXOSS TCG.



  • LR: 6
  • LC: 22
  • SR: 10
  • R: 22
  • C: 40
  • Secret: 15
  •  ???: 1

Total: 100 (+16)


Unfeigned Selector Promo Poster

Unfeigned Selector Booster Box

Card List[]

No Card Name Rarity Color Type Level
WX13-001 True Yuzuki Five LR Red / Green LRIG 5
WX13-002 Hanare, Dark One of Salvation LR Black LRIG 4
WX13-003 Ice Flame Shoot LR Blue ARTS -
WX13-004 Withered Tree, Living Flower LR Green ARTS -
WX13-005A Full Moon, White Natural Star LR White Resona 4
WX13-005B New Moon, White Natural Star LR White Resona 2
WX13-006A Ougusoku, Black Phantom Insect (FA) LR Black Resona 4
WX13-006B Ougusoku, Black Phantom Insect (HS) LR Black Resona 2
WX13-007 Sashe Lune, Benevolent Messenger LC White LRIG 5
WX13-008 Remember Twilight, Star-Reading Miko LC White LRIG 4
WX13-009 Sashe Quartier, Benevolent Messenger LC White LRIG 2
WX13-010 Xeno Entrance LC White ARTS -
WX13-011 Yuzuki Pure Four LC Red LRIG 4
WX13-012 Standing Flame Cross LC Red ARTS -
WX13-013 Three Burning Gathered Steps LC Red ARTS -
WX13-014 Eldora×Mark IV PLUS LC Blue LRIG 4
WX13-015 Under One LC Blue ARTS -
WX13-016 Levia, Blue Water Phantom LC Blue Resona 4
WX13-017 Aiyai★Call LC Green LRIG 2
WX13-018 In High Spirits LC Green ARTS -
WX13-019 Swingride, Green Second Play LC Green Resona 2
WX13-020 Hanare, Dark One of Entreaties LC Black LRIG 3
WX13-021 Hanare, Dark One of Puppets LC Black LRIG 3
WX13-022 Hanare, Dark One of Coming Dreams LC Black LRIG 2
WX13-023 Myu-Molt LC Black LRIG 2
WX13-024 Hanare, Dark One of Residual Regrets LC Black LRIG 1
WX13-025 Forbidden Game LC Black ARTS -
WX13-026 Next Punish LC Black ARTS -
WX13-027 Servant Alive LC Colorless ARTS -
WX13-028 Colorless Servants LC Colorless Resona 3
WX13-029 Northern Seven, Natural Star Space Princess SR White SIGNI 5
WX13-030 Bahamut, Phantom Dragon Deity Princess SR Red SIGNI 5
WX13-031 Gustaft, Center Ballista SR Red SIGNI 4
WX13-032 Demenigisu, Deep Water Phantom Princess SR Blue SIGNI 5
WX13-033 MIRROR SR Blue Spell -
WX13-034 Mammo, Phantom Beast Deity SR Green SIGNI 5
WX13-035 Gogatsudoll, Third Play SR Green SIGNI 3
WX13-036 Vier-Patra SR Black SIGNI 4
WX13-037 Scarab, Phantom Insect SR Black SIGNI 3
WX13-038 Ifrid, Night King of a Thousand Nights SR Black SIGNI 2
WX13-039 Horoscope, Natural Star R White SIGNI 4
WX13-040 ⁑Thinker⁑, Embodiment of Meditation R White SIGNI 4
WX13-041 Gandiva, Greatbow R White SIGNI 3
WX13-042 Code Maze Colosseum R White SIGNI 1
WX13-043 Tommygun, Ballista R Red SIGNI 4
WX13-044 Bismuth, Natural Stone R Red SIGNI 4
WX13-045 Dora, Roaring Left Gun R Red SIGNI 3
WX13-046 Doslaf, Roaring Right Gun R Red SIGNI 3
WX13-047 Bonds of the Same Gun R Red Spell -
WX13-048 Teppouo, Water Phantom R Blue SIGNI 3
WX13-049 Lithium, Natural Source R Blue SIGNI 3
WX13-050 VOICE CHANGE R Blue Spell -
WX13-051 #Moridra#, Phantom Dragon R Green SIGNI 4
WX13-052 Koinobori, Third Play R Green SIGNI 3
WX13-053 Hototogi, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI 3
WX13-054 Fukinagashi, Second Play R Green SIGNI 2
WX13-055 Solomon, Four Nights of a Thousand Nights R Black SIGNI 4
WX13-056 Vier-Nerozaran R Black SIGNI 4
WX13-057 Oniyanma, Phantom Insect R Black SIGNI 3
WX13-058 Drei-Dio Daughter R Black SIGNI 3
WX13-059 Drei-Agrippina R Black SIGNI 3
WX13-060 Strange Kind R Black Spell -
WX13-061 Caps Four, Natural Star C White SIGNI 4
WX13-062 Haradhanu, Greatbow C White SIGNI 3
WX13-063 Caps Three, Natural Star C White SIGNI 3
WX13-064 Caps Two, Natural Star C White SIGNI 2
WX13-065 Martiel, Blessing of the Rainy Season C White SIGNI 1
WX13-066 Caps One, Natural Star C White SIGNI 1
WX13-067 Tin'o, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI 3
WX13-068 Faival, Explosive Gun C Red SIGNI 2
WX13-069 Fuuba, Explosive Gun C Red SIGNI 2
WX13-070 Antimony, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI 2
WX13-071 Monaz, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI 1
WX13-072 Idabiuo, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI 3
WX13-073 Honbiuo, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI 2
WX13-074 Code Art BRD C Blue SIGNI 2
WX13-075 Tachiuo, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI 1
WX13-076 Code Art BEC C Blue SIGNI 1
WX13-077 Yurikamome, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI 3
WX13-078 #Erimaki#, Phantom Dragon C Green SIGNI 3
WX13-079 Uguisu, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI 2
WX13-080 #Agohige#, Phantom Dragon C Green SIGNI 2
WX13-081 Kazaguruma, Second Play C Green SIGNI 2
WX13-082 Kamikabuto, First Play C Green SIGNI 1
WX13-083 Mejiro, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI 1
WX13-084 #Kinobori#, Phantom Dragon C Green SIGNI 1
WX13-085 Vier-Cali C Black SIGNI 4
WX13-086 Ginyanma, Phantom Insect C Black SIGNI 3
WX13-087 Drei-Chlofo C Black SIGNI 3
WX13-088 Marid, Three Nights of a Thousand Nights C Black SIGNI 3
WX13-089 Akatonbo, Phantom Insect C Black SIGNI 2
WX13-090 Shaytan, Two Nights of a Thousand Nights C Black SIGNI 2
WX13-091 Zwei-Zohi C Black SIGNI 2
WX13-092 Zwei-Cebor C Black SIGNI 2
WX13-093 Yago, Phantom Insect C Black SIGNI 1
WX13-094 Ein-Ninetokiri C Black SIGNI 1
WX13-095 Ein-Lucbor C Black SIGNI 1
WX13-096 Djinn, One Night of a Thousand Nights C Black SIGNI 1
WX13-097 Servant Q2 C Colorless SIGNI 4
WX13-098 Servant T2 C Colorless SIGNI 3
WX13-099 Servant D2 C Colorless SIGNI 2
WX13-100 Servant O2 C Colorless SIGNI 1
WX13-101 Sashe Lune, Benevolent Messenger Secret White LRIG 5
WX13-102 Sashe Nouvelle, Eternal Messenger Secret White LRIG 0
WX13-103 Hanare, Dark One of Salvation Secret Black LRIG 4
WX13-104 Northern Seven, Natural Star Space Princess Secret White SIGNI 5
WX13-105 Horoscope, Natural Star Secret White SIGNI 4
WX13-106 Gustaft, Center Ballista Secret Red SIGNI 4
WX13-107 Demenigisu, Deep Water Phantom Princess Secret Blue SIGNI 5
WX13-108 Gogatsudoll, Third Play Secret Green SIGNI 3
WX13-109 Vier-Patra Secret Black SIGNI 4
WX13-110 Ein-Dagger Secret Black SIGNI 1
WX13-TR01 Sashe Secret White LRIG 0
WX13-TR02 Lalaru Secret Red LRIG 0
WX13-TR03 Soui Secret Blue LRIG 0
WX13-TR04 Aiyai Secret Green LRIG 0
WX13-TR05 Myu Secret Black LRIG 0
WX13-??? Hanare ??? Black LRIG 0
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