WX-20 Connected Selector
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Release Date September 7, 2017
Formats All-Star
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WX-19 Unsolved Selector WX-21 Betrayed Selector

WX-20 Connected Selector is the twentieth booster pack of the WIXOSS TCG.


  • Includes support for Ril, Mel, Tama, Urith, Midoriko, Eldora and Yuki/Iona.
  • Introduction of level 5 LRIGs for Ril and Mel.
  • The vast majority of the cards in the set are support SIGNI for previously released SR-rarity SIGNI.
  • Several collaboration cards, including ones from Onsen Musume.


  • LR: 7
  • LC: 14
  • SR: 10
  • R: 18
  • C: 33
  • Re: 20
  • CD Jacket: 10
  • Secret: 15
  •  ???: 1

Total: 82 (+46)

Card List[]

No Card Name Rarity Color Type Level
WX20-001 Ril, Memory of the Future LR Red LRIG 5
WX20-002 Mel-Spiritus LR Green LRIG 5
WX20-003 Class Crisis LR White ARTS -
WX20-004 One Mind, Roaring Body LR Red ARTS -
WX20-005 Lace Tornado LR Blue ARTS -
WX20-006 Mutual Prosperity LR Green ARTS -
WX20-007 Dark Cognate LR Black ARTS -
WX20-008 Dona THIRD++ LC White LRIG 3
WX20-009 Sashe Quartier, Red Orchid Messenger LC White/Red LRIG 2
WX20-010 Ril, Memory of Fate LC Red LRIG 3
WX20-011 Carnival -TN- LC Red LRIG 3
WX20-012 Anytime Aya! III LC Blue LRIG 3
WX20-013 Mel-Gimlet LC Green LRIG 3
WX20-014 Mama♥3 MODE3 LC Green LRIG 3
WX20-015 Aiyai★Fall LC Green/Black LRIG 2
WX20-016 Iona, Corona/Maiden LC Black LRIG 3
WX20-017 Nanashi, Part Three Another LC Black LRIG 3
WX20-018 Guzuko, Useless Princess of Resurrection LC Black LRIG 3
WX20-019 Myu-Exarate LC Black/Blue LRIG 2
WX20-020 Satisfaction LC Colorless ARTS -
WX20-021 By the Way LC Colorless ARTS -
WX20-022 Arc Egis, Ultimate Shield SR White SIGNI 4
WX20-023 Fuurai, Phantom Apparition SR White SIGNI 3
WX20-024 Lu Bu, Rook General of Resolution SR Red SIGNI 5
WX20-025 ≡Erakis≡, Natural Star SR Red SIGNI 3
WX20-026 §Anomaris§, Great Phantom Insect SR Blue SIGNI 4
WX20-027 Adansonia, Natural Plant SR Green SIGNI 3
WX20-028 Code Delicious Buffet SR Green SIGNI 5
WX20-029 Barbaato, March of the Hunting Devils SR Black SIGNI 4
WX20-030 Mypla, Natural Bacteria SR Black SIGNI 1
WX20-031 Quickening Covenant SR Colorless Spell -
WX20-032 Hashmal, Authority of the Holy Scepter R White SIGNI 2
WX20-033 ⁑Subcals⁑, Design of Twin Performance R White SIGNI 4
WX20-034-CB ⁑Hacka Doll No. 1⁑, Great Knowledge Play R White SIGNI 1
WX20-035 Yukinko, Phantom Apparition R White SIGNI 3
WX20-036-CB Yuina Kusatsu, Banquet of Hot Springs R Red SIGNI 3
WX20-037 Dong Zhuo, Gluttonous Tyrant R Red SIGNI 2
WX20-038 Guskru, Attacking Ballista R Red SIGNI 5
WX20-039-CB ≡Hacka Doll No. 2≡, Red Play R Red SIGNI 2
WX20-040 Guruguru, Medium Trap R Blue SIGNI 2
WX20-041-CB §Hacka Doll No. 3§, 3-Play R Blue SIGNI 3
WX20-042-CB Aluminium, Natural Source R Blue SIGNI 4
WX20-043 Hinanigisu, Water Phantom R Blue SIGNI 3
WX20-044-CB #WebMoney#, Face Value of Strange Wisdom R Green SIGNI 3
WX20-045 Code Eat Marroncream R Green SIGNI 1
WX20-046 Giant Tortoise, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI 4
WX20-047-CB Sukunahiko, Myriad Source R Black SIGNI 3
WX20-048 Drei-Arisaema R Black SIGNI 3
WX20-049 †Okiku Doll†, Imitating Play R Black SIGNI 2
WX20-050 Nyacle, Large Fist C White SIGNI 3
WX20-051 Scutum, Medium Shield C White SIGNI 2
WX20-052 Mira, Natural Star C White SIGNI 3
WX20-053 Code Maze Liberty C White SIGNI 3
WX20-054 Code Maze Cornmaze C White SIGNI 1
WX20-055 Yuan Shu, Indomitable Usurper C Red SIGNI 1
WX20-056 Oichi, the One Flower in the War C Red SIGNI 1
WX20-057 Barrelbomb, Explosive Gun C Red SIGNI 2
WX20-058 Imoishi, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI 3
WX20-059 Nijimenou, Natural Stone C Red SIGNI 2
WX20-060 Sirrush, Phantom Dragon C Red SIGNI 2
WX20-061 Tsuchinoko, Phantom Dragon C Red SIGNI 2
WX20-062 Honeygirl, Medium Trap C Blue SIGNI 2
WX20-063 Xenon, Natural Source C Blue SIGNI 3
WX20-064-CB Code Art NAISEN C Blue SIGNI 3
WX20-065 Code Art DC C Blue SIGNI 2
WX20-066 Ginkuchi, Water Phantom C Blue SIGNI 2
WX20-067 Modern, Offense and Defense of Context C Green SIGNI 3
WX20-068 #Wigner#, Observation of Future Wisdom C Green SIGNI 3
WX20-069 Tamaire, Third Play C Green SIGNI 3
WX20-070 Susuki, Natural Plant C Green SIGNI 2
WX20-071 Code Eat Tsukimi Dango C Green SIGNI 3
WX20-072 Code Eat Chocoplate C Green SIGNI 2
WX20-073 Shantaku, Phantom Beast C Green SIGNI 1
WX20-074 Lucifero, Fallen Talented Daughter C Black SIGNI 3
WX20-075 Gusion, Purple Indefinite Shape C Black SIGNI 2
WX20-076 †Arcfraud†, Revolutionary Banner of Love C Black SIGNI 3
WX20-077 Drei-Aconitine C Black SIGNI 3
WX20-078 Enza, Natural Bacteria C Black SIGNI 3
WX20-079 Code Anti Sothoth C Black SIGNI 3
WX20-080 Code Anti Dagon C Black SIGNI 1
WX20-081 Tarantula, Phantom Insect C Black SIGNI 3
WX20-082 Karehachou, Phantom Insect C Black SIGNI 1
WX20-083 Saturate Gut Secret Black ARTS -
WX20-084 Succeed Destruct Secret Colorless ARTS -
WX20-085 Arc Egis, Ultimate Shield Secret White SIGNI 4
WX20-086 Guskru, Attacking Ballista Secret Red SIGNI 5
WX20-087 ≡Erakis≡, Natural Star Secret Red SIGNI 3
WX20-088 §Anomaris§, Great Phantom Insect Secret Blue SIGNI 4
WX20-089 Adansonia, Natural Plant Secret Green SIGNI 3
WX20-090 Vier-Rikabuto Secret Black SIGNI 4
WX20-091 Code Anti Yog-Sothoth Secret Black SIGNI 4
WX20-092 Violence Splash Secret Black Spell -
WX20-093 Class Crisis Secret White ARTS -
WX20-094 One Mind, Roaring Body Secret Red ARTS -
WX20-095 Lace Tornado Secret Blue ARTS -
WX20-096 Mutual Prosperity Secret Green ARTS -
WX20-097 Dark Cognate Secret Black ARTS -
WX20-CD01 Get Brilliant CD Jacket White Spell -
WX20-CD02 Get Monster CD Jacket White Spell -
WX20-CD03 Fracturing Lust CD Jacket Red Spell -
WX20-CD04 Gun Smoke Flame Aura CD Jacket Red Spell -
WX20-CD05 SLASH OUT CD Jacket Blue Spell -
WX20-CD06 MAGIC HAND CD Jacket Blue Spell -
WX20-CD07 Extreme Food CD Jacket Green Spell -
WX20-CD08 Extravaganza CD Jacket Green Spell -
WX20-CD09 Violence Splash CD Jacket Black Spell -
WX20-CD10 Revive Flare CD Jacket Black Spell -
WX20-Re01 Quartz, Natural Stone Re Red SIGNI 2
WX20-Re02 #Yamori#, Phantom Dragon Re Green SIGNI 1
WX20-Re03 Drei-Lacquer Re Black SIGNI 3
WX20-Re04 Sashe Pleine, Eternal Messenger Re White LRIG 4
WX20-Re05 Deneb, Natural Star Re White SIGNI 2
WX20-Re06 Polaris, Natural Star Re White SIGNI 1
WX20-Re07 Iona, Full/Maiden Re Black LRIG 4
WX20-Re08 Iona, Pale/Maiden Re Black LRIG 4
WX20-Re09 Iona, Half/Maiden Re Black LRIG 4
WX20-Re10 Metsum, Fallen Cannon Girl Re Black SIGNI 4
WX20-Re11 Parva, Waterside of Transgression Re Black SIGNI 3
WX20-Re12 Ganesha, Joy of Transgression Re Black SIGNI 2
WX20-Re13 Drei-Capsule Re Black SIGNI 3
WX20-Re14 Code Anti Assylen Re Black SIGNI 3
WX20-Re15 Nawatobi, Third Play Re Green SIGNI 3
WX20-Re16 Untei, First Play Re Green SIGNI 1
WX20-Re17 Karuta, First Play Re Green SIGNI 1
WX20-Re18 Akazukin, Phantom Beast Re Green SIGNI 2
WX20-Re19 Victorian Boundary Re White ARTS -
WX20-Re20 Vanilla Scramble Re White ARTS -
WX20-??? Carnival ??? Red LRIG 0


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