WXA-DF01 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Tama and Win with Intense Consecutive Attacks!
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Release Date November 30, 2019
Color(s) White.png White Red.png Red
Formats All-Star
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WXK-DF05 Start WIXOSS with Carnival and Win by Using the Graveyard! WXA-DF02 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Piruluk and Win with Intense Hand Destruction!

WXA-DF01 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Tama and Win with Intense Consecutive Attacks! (タマではじめるウィクロスASは強烈連続攻撃で勝つ! Tama de hajimeru Uikurosu AS wa Kyōretsu Renzoku Kōgeki de Katsu!) is a preconstructed deck for the WIXOSS TCG. It is an All-Star deck for Tama based on using Arm and Weapon SIGNI to attack with the LRIG repeatedly. Unlike most previous preconstructed decks, the deck is made entirely of reprints while not being based off of a previous preconstructed deck, and contains a large number of cards at one or two copies. It is sold at a reduced price of 555 yen (not including tax) to promote WIXOSS's fifth anniversary.

Card List[edit | edit source]

Card Number Card Name Quantity Color Type Level
WDA-F01-01 Tamayorihime Five Remodeled, the Flame 1 White.pngRed.png LRIG 5
WDA-F01-02 Tamayorihime, Golden Miko 1 White.pngRed.png LRIG 4
WDA-F01-03 Tamayorihime, Thunder Miko 1 White.png LRIG 3
WDA-F01-04 Tamayorihime, Gold-Shining Miko 1 White.png LRIG 2
WDA-F01-05 Tamayorihime, First Moon Miko 1 White.png LRIG 1
WDA-F01-06 Tamayorihime, New Moon Miko 1 White.png LRIG 0
WDA-F01-07 White Hope 1 White.png ARTS -
WDA-F01-08 Third Destiny 1 White.pngRed.png ARTS -
WDA-F01-09 Erase Refrain 1 White.png ARTS -
WDA-F01-10 Soui-Key 1 Blue.png Key -
WDA-F01-11 Guskru, Attacking Ballista 1 Red.png SIGNI 5
WDA-F01-12 Aias, Ultimate Shield 2 White.png SIGNI 4
WDA-F01-13 Arc Egis, Ultimate Shield 2 White.png SIGNI 4
WDA-F01-14 Mjolnir, Ultimate Hammer 2 White.png SIGNI 4
WDA-F01-15 Gustaft, Center Ballista 2 Red.png SIGNI 4
WDA-F01-16 Surface-to-Air, Ballista 2 Red.png SIGNI 4
WDA-F01-17 Achilles, Greatshield 1 White.png SIGNI 3
WDA-F01-18 Valkyrie, Unforgettable Fantasy 1 White.png SIGNI 3
WDA-F01-19 Dora, Roaring Left Gun 2 Red.png SIGNI 3
WDA-F01-20 Doslaf, Roaring Right Gun 2 Red.png SIGNI 3
WDA-F01-21 Bumeld, Medium Shield 1 White.png SIGNI 2
WDA-F01-22 Tinbe, Medium Shield 2 White.png SIGNI 2
WDA-F01-23 Round, Small Shield 1 White.png SIGNI 1
WDA-F01-24 Mikamune, Small Sword 1 White.png SIGNI 1
WDA-F01-25 Kotetsu, Small Sword 1 White.png SIGNI 1
WDA-F01-26 Battoka, Small Edge 1 White.png SIGNI 1
WDA-F01-27 Hayato, Small Shield 4 White.png SIGNI 1
WDA-F01-28 Mikagami, Treasured Instrument 1 White.png SIGNI 1
WDA-F01-29 Ohan, Small Shield 1 White.png SIGNI 1
WDA-F01-30 Quilizer, Small Gun 1 Red.png SIGNI 1
WDA-F01-31 Servant T2 1 Colorless.png SIGNI 3
WDA-F01-32 Servant D2 2 Colorless.png SIGNI 2
WDA-F01-33 Servant O2 3 Colorless.png SIGNI 1
WDA-F01-34 Arc Aura 2 White.png Spell -
WDA-F01-35 Get Index 1 White.png Spell -

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WXK-DF02 Start WIXOSS with Guzuko and Win by Deck Manipulation!
WXK-DF03 Start WIXOSS with Tama and Win by Returning Cards to the Hand!
WXK-DF04 Start WIXOSS with Ril and Win by Evolution!
WXK-DF05 Start WIXOSS with Carnival and Win by Using the Graveyard!
WXA-DF01 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Tama and Win with Intense Consecutive Attacks!
WXA-DF02 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Piruluk and Win with Intense Hand Destruction!
WXA-DF03 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Yuzuki and Win with Intense Incineration!
WXA-DF04 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Dona and Win with Intense Overall Reinforcement!
WXA-DF05 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Guzuko and Win with Intense Cooperative Attacks!
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SP-25 Congratulation Pack Vol.3 • SP-26 Lostorage incited WIXOSS Blu-ray/DVD
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SP-30 Congratulation Pack Vol.4 • SP-31 Congratulation Pack Vol.5+SP-32 Selector Selection
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