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Release Date January 16, 2021 (Japanese)
December 17, 2021 (English)
Formats All-Star
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WXDi-P01 GLOWING DIVA (グロウイングディーヴァ Gurōingu Dīva) is the thirty-sixth booster pack of the WIXOSS TCG.


This set was released alongside the following four decks:

Along with those decks, GLOWING DIVA introduces four teams to the TCG: No Limit, Card Jockey, UCHU NO HAJIMARI, and DIAGRAM. Like those decks, GLOWING DIVA focuses on using Hirana, LION, Tamago, and Muzica as the center LRIGs of their respective teams.

Rarity Breakdown[]

  • DiR:8
  • SCR:8
  • ???:2
  • PI:8
  • L:24
  • SR:12
  • R:21
  • C:34

Card List[]

No Card Name Rarity Color Type Level
WXDi-P01-001 Go to the Top! PI Red.pngWhite.png PIECE -
WXDi-P01-002 Silent Assassin PI Red.pngGreen.png PIECE -
WXDi-P01-003 Great! Re - ver - sal! PI Blue.pngWhite.png PIECE -
WXDi-P01-004 Code: L/O PI Green.pngBlue.png PIECE -
WXDi-P01-005 Nightmare■Step PI Black.pngGreen.png PIECE -
WXDi-P01-006 Never Surrender PI Colorless.png PIECE -
WXDi-P01-007 ●Tap Down Tap● PI Colorless.png PIECE -
WXDi-P01-008 Kyururi ☆ Kyururira PI Colorless.png PIECE -
WXDi-P01-009 Akino*Thumbs Up! L White.png LRIG (Assist) 1
WXDi-P01-010 Akino*Peace! L White.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-011 Akino*Bye - Bye! L White.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-012 Rei*Lunar Blossom L Blue.png LRIG (Assist) 1
WXDi-P01-013 Rei*Absolute Zero L Blue.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-014 Rei*Rending Blade L Blue.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-015 DJ LOVIT - SCRATCHx2 L Red.png LRIG (Assist) 1
WXDi-P01-016 DJ LOVIT - BEATJUG L Red.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-017 DJ LOVIT - CROSSFADE L Red.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-018 VJ WOLF - LASER L Green.png LRIG (Assist) 1
WXDi-P01-019 VJ WOLF - STREAM L Green.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-020 VJ WOLF - MIRAGE L Green.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-021 Nova =Mute= L White.png LRIG (Assist) 1
WXDi-P01-022 Nova =Slash= L White.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-023 Nova =Supernova= L White.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-024 Bang =Pianissimo= L Green.png LRIG (Assist) 1
WXDi-P01-025 Bang =Da Capo= L Green.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-026 Bang =Big Bang= L Green.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-027 Madoka//Slide L Blue.png LRIG (Assist) 1
WXDi-P01-028 Madoka//Break L Blue.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-029 Madoka//Clap L Blue.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-030 Sanga//Swing L Green.png LRIG (Assist) 1
WXDi-P01-031 Sanga//Strike L Green.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-032 Sanga//Parallel L Green.png LRIG (Assist) 2
WXDi-P01-033 Arcgwyn, Blessed Angel Queen SR White.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-034 Libra, Natural Planet Queen SR White.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-035 PRJ - MAP, Code: Heart SR White.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-036 Nobunaga, Crimson General Queen SR Red.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-037 Rose Quartz, Natural Crystal Brilliance SR Red.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-038 Fenrir, Azure Evil Queen SR Blue.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-039 Saturne, Natural Planet Queen SR Blue.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-040 Robin Hood, Jade General Queen SR Green.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-041 Quin, Code: Labyrinth SR Green.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-042 Osagitsune, Phantom Terra Beast God SR Green.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-043 Dark Energie, Full Armed SR Black.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-044 Lanling Type: Drei SR Black.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-045 Haniel, Blessed Angel R White.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-046 Zhao Yun, Blessed General R White.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-047 Andras, Blessed Evil C White.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-048 Alphard, Natural Planet C White.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-049 Ma Chao, Blessed General R White.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-050 Bow, High Armed C White.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-051 Salangidae, Phantom Aquatic Beast C White.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-052 Stand Up R White.png Spell -
WXDi-P01-053 Sita, Crimson Angel C Red.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-054 Yue Fei, Crimson General R Red.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-055 Amethystal, Natural Crystal C Red.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-056 C2H2, Natural Element R Red.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-057 Rama, Crimson Angel C Red.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-058 Shokudai - kiri, High Armed R Red.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-059 Carina, Natural Planet C Red.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-060 Resonating Sound of Destruction R Red.png Spell -
WXDi-P01-061 Charon, Azure Angel C Blue.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-062 Bradamante, Azure General R Blue.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-063 Antila, Natural Planet R Blue.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-064 Regalecus, Phantom Aquatic Beast C Blue.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-065 Cocytus, Azure Angel C Blue.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-066 Focalor, Azure Evil C Blue.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-067 Coelacanth, Phantom Aquatic Beast R Blue.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-068 Trouble R Blue.png Spell -
WXDi-P01-069 Garmr, Jade Angel C Green.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-070 Maid Marian, Jade General R Green.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-071 Vassago, Jade Evil R Green.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-072 Hyakkoko, Phantom Terra Beast C Green.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-073 Skadi, Jade Angel C Green.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-074 Pavo, Natural Planet R Green.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-075 Kiyosumi, Code: Maze C Green.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-076 Musuzaku, Phantom Terra Beast C Green.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-077 Great Snake R Green.png Spell -
WXDi-P01-078 Azrael, Doomed Angel R Black.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-079 Sgathaich, Doomed General R Black.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-080 Baal, Doomed Evil C Black.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-081 Fragarach, Lightly Armed C Black.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-082 Horologium, Natural Planet C Black.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-083 Paimon, Doomed Evil C Black.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-084 Gram, High Armed C Black.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-085 Dagger Type: Zwei R Black.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-086 Corvus, Natural Planet C Black.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-087 Kawasaki, Code: Maze R Black.png SIGNI 3
WXDi-P01-088 Under Attractive R Black.png Spell -
WXDi-P01-089 Percival, Blessed Crimson General C White.pngRed.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-090 Gawain, Blessed Crimson General C White.pngRed.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-091 Procyon A, Natural Planet C White.pngBlue.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-092 Sirius, Natural Planet C White.pngBlue.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-093 Triomphe, Code: Maze C White.pngGreen.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-094 Babel, Code: Maze C White.pngGreen.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-095 Imp, Azure Doomed Evil C Blue.pngBlack.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-096 Tick - Tock, Azure Doomed Evil C Blue.pngBlack.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-097 Green Gas Type: Eins C Green.pngBlack.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-P01-098 Cobra Type: Zwei C Green.pngBlack.png SIGNI 2
WXDi-P01-099 Servant ♯ C Colorless.png SIGNI 1
WXDi-D03-002S Hirana, a Dream of a Miracle SCR Red.png LRIG 1
WXDi-D03-003S Hirana, a Glimpse of the Truth SCR Red.png LRIG 2
WXDi-D03-004D Hirana, a Step Towards the Top DiR Red.png LRIG 3
WXDi-D03-011D Glory Grow DiR Red.pngWhite.pngBlue.png PIECE -
WXDi-D04-002S MC LION - 1st Verse SCR White.png LRIG 1
WXDi-D04-003S MC LION - 2nd Verse SCR White.png LRIG 2
WXDi-D04-004D MC LION - 3rd Verse DiR White.png LRIG 3
WXDi-D04-011D Endless Punchline DiR White.pngRed.pngGreen.png PIECE -
WXDi-D05-002S Let's Go! Dr. Tamago SCR Blue.png LRIG 1
WXDi-D05-003S You Can Do It! Dr. Tamago SCR Blue.png LRIG 2
WXDi-D05-004D Never Give Up! Dr. Tamago DiR Blue.png LRIG 3
WXDi-D05-011D Hanpanai★Destruction DiR Blue.pngWhite.pngGreen.png PIECE -
WXDi-D06-002S Muzica, Vogue 1 SCR Black.png LRIG 1
WXDi-D06-003S Muzica, Vogue 2 SCR Black.png LRIG 2
WXDi-D06-004D Muzica, Vogue 3 DiR Black.png LRIG 3
WXDi-D06-011D Salvage the Future DiR Black.pngBlue.pngGreen.png PIECE -
WXDi-P01-??? Hirana ??? Red.png LRIG 0
WXDi-P01-??? LION ??? White.png LRIG 0
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WXK-DF04 Start WIXOSS with Ril and Win by Evolution!
WXK-DF05 Start WIXOSS with Carnival and Win by Using the Graveyard!
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WXDi-D02 DIVA DEBUT DECK Nijisanji ver. Sanbaka
WXDi-D07 TOP DIVA DECK Deus Ex Machina
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