WXEX-1 Unlimited Selector
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Release Date February 14, 2019
Key Selection No
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WXK-P05 Rhetoric WXK-P06 Alternative
WXEX-1 Unlimited Selector is the twenty-eighth booster pack of the WIXOSS TCG.



  • LR: 28
  • SR: 24
  • R: 29
  • Re: 2
  • Secret: 0
  •  ???: 2


Card ListEdit

NoCard NameRarityColorTypeLevel
WXEX1-01 Tamayorihime, Red-Winged Miko LR White/Red LRIG 4
WXEX1-02 Remember Last Night, Star-Reading Miko LR White LRIG 4
WXEX1-03 Tawil-Fyra, the Opener LR White LRIG 4
WXEX1-04 Sashe, Pleasant Embrace Messenger LR White LRIG 4
WXEX1-05 Dona FOURTH++ LR White LRIG 4
WXEX1-06 Hanayo Four, the Flame LR Red LRIG 4
WXEX1-07 Yuzuki Four Bonfire LR Red LRIG 4
WXEX1-08 Ril, Memory of Sincerity LR Red LRIG 4
WXEX1-09 Carnival -QN- LR Red LRIG 4
WXEX1-10 Code Piruluk EC LR Blue LRIG 4
WXEX1-11 Eldora×Mark IV HYPER LR Blue LRIG 4
WXEX1-12 Milulun Amara LR Blue LRIG 4
WXEX1-13 Ultra Aya! IV LR Blue LRIG 4
WXEX1-14 Midoriko, Opening Type Four LR Green LRIG 4
WXEX1-15 Anne-Fourth, Colorful Butterfly of Reexamination LR Green/White LRIG 4
WXEX1-16 Aiyai★Full House LR Green LRIG 4
WXEX1-17 Mel-Gin Tonic LR Green LRIG 4
WXEX1-18 Mama♥4 MODE4 LR Green LRIG 4
WXEX1-19 Urith, Enma of Hell LR Black LRIG 4
WXEX1-20 Iona, Evolve/Maiden LR Black LRIG 4
WXEX1-21 Umr-Fyra, Wielder of the Alluring Orchid Key LR Black LRIG 4
WXEX1-22 Myu-Fourze LR Black LRIG 4
WXEX1-23 Hanare, Dark One of Watchful Waiting LR Black LRIG 4
WXEX1-24 Nanashi, That Four Hell LR Black LRIG 4
WXEX1-25 Guzuko, Useless Princess of Tragic Heroism LR Black LRIG 4
WXEX1-26 The Earth, White Natural Star LR White Resona 5
WXEX1-27 Flycoaster, Green Fifth Play LR Green Resona 5
WXEX1-28 Ambri Paigi, Black Phantom Insect LR Black Resona 5
WXEX1-29 Ramiel, Archangel of Visions SR White SIGNI 5
WXEX1-30 Leonids, Natural Star Princess SR White SIGNI 4
WXEX1-31 Shemyaza, Leader of the Fallen Angels SR White SIGNI 4
WXEX1-32 Nue, Phantom Apparition Princess SR White SIGNI 4
WXEX1-33 Rhodonite, Natural Pyroxene SR Red SIGNI 2
WXEX1-34 Red Dragon, Phantom Dragon Princess SR Red SIGNI 4
WXEX1-35 Jeanne, Holy Beautiful General SR Red SIGNI 4
WXEX1-36 Himiko, Natural Star Princess SR Red SIGNI 4
WXEX1-37 Code Accel Apache SR Red SIGNI 4
WXEX1-38 Code Heart ACR SR Blue SIGNI 4
WXEX1-39 Hammerhead, Water Phantom Princess SR Blue SIGNI 4
WXEX1-40 Ytter­bium, Natural Source Princess SR Blue SIGNI 4
WXEX1-41 Biriri Gun, Super Trap SR Blue SIGNI 4
WXEX1-42 Dragontree, Natural Plant Princess SR Green SIGNI 4
WXEX1-43 Graffi, Wall Trick SR Green SIGNI 4
WXEX1-44 Code Order Tonra SR Green SIGNI 4
WXEX1-45 Einstein, Theory of Relativity Wisdom SR Green SIGNI 4
WXEX1-46 Gilles de Rais, Contract with the Abyss SR Black SIGNI 5
WXEX1-47 Code Anti Nightgaun SR Black SIGNI 4
WXEX1-48 Code Anti Macana SR Black SIGNI 4
WXEX1-49 Gorgeout, Breeder of Demonic Pigeons SR Black SIGNI 2
WXEX1-50 Drei-Chocokiller SR Black SIGNI 3
WXEX1-51 Hashof, Natural Bacteria Princess SR Black SIGNI 4
WXEX1-52 Atarinashi, Death Play SR Black SIGNI 4
WXEX1-53 Phalanx, Great Shield Spear R White SIGNI 3
WXEX1-54 Geminids, Natural Star R White SIGNI 3
WXEX1-55 Code Maze Labyrin R White SIGNI 3
WXEX1-56 Monochro, White Light and Black Shadow R White SIGNI 1
WXEX1-57 Mastema, Heresy of Heaven R White SIGNI 1
WXEX1-58 Pictor, Natural Star R White SIGNI 3
WXEX1-59 Yamanba, Phantom Apparition R White SIGNI 1
WXEX1-60 Flathro Warrant Officer, Roaring Flame R Red SIGNI 3
WXEX1-61 Charles, King of Victory R Red SIGNI 2
WXEX1-62 Khepri, Natural Star R Red SIGNI 1
WXEX1-63 Roaring Fist of Heavenly Shock R Red Spell -
WXEX1-64 Morpho Butterfly, Phantom Insect R Blue SIGNI 2
WXEX1-65 Dr. Fish, Water Phantom R Blue SIGNI 2
WXEX1-66 Boron, Natural Source R Blue SIGNI 1
WXEX1-67 Walk Water, Large Trap R Blue SIGNI 3
WXEX1-68 Kozakura, Phantom Beast R Green SIGNI 3
WXEX1-69 Diplodocus, Phantom Dragon R Green SIGNI 2
WXEX1-70 Code Eat Back Fat R Green SIGNI 2
WXEX1-71 Wasazan, Essay of Request Wisdom R Green SIGNI 2
WXEX1-72 Car Eraser, Fourth Play R Green SIGNI 4
WXEX1-73 Mammon, Love of Money R Black SIGNI 2
WXEX1-74 Code Anti Laserdi R Black SIGNI 2
WXEX1-75 Madarazou, Phantom Insect R Black SIGNI 2
WXEX1-76 Mamahaha, Greedy Master R Black SIGNI 1
WXEX1-77 Ein-Schmidt R Black SIGNI 1
WXEX1-78 Cholera, Natural Bacteria R Black SIGNI 3
WXEX1-79 Shinobi Set, Different Blood Play R Black SIGNI 1
WXEX1-80Re Linze, Natural Star R White SIGNI 2
WXEX1-81Re Selecting Story R Colorless Spell -
WXEX1-??? Yuki ??? White LRIG 0
WXEX1-??? Yuzuki ??? Green LRIG 0
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