WXEX-2 Unbreakable Selector
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Release Date December 21, 2019
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WXK-P09 Dissemble WXK-P10 Collision
WXEX-2 Unbreakable Selector (アンブレイカブルセレクター Anbureikaburu Serekutā) is the second WXEX booster pack and the thirty-third booster pack of the WIXOSS TCG.


WXEX-2 is the second booster pack of the WIXOSS TCG that contains cards legal solely for All-Star. It includes support for the majority of LRIGs. It also introduces the Cheer Zone, an additional zone on the field that certain SIGNI can be placed on. Boxes of Unbreakable Selector come with the Legend ARTS Pack, a special pack that reprints ARTS legal in All-Star with new artwork.

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • LR: 27
  • SR: 27
  • R: 27

Card ListEdit

NoCard NameRarityColorTypeLevel
WXEX2-01 Tamayorihime, Congratulatory Ring Miko LR WhiteRed LRIG 4
WXEX2-02 Remember Late Night, Star-Reading Miko LR WhiteBlue LRIG 5
WXEX2-03 Ut'ulls, the Divine Ultimate Gate LR WhiteBlack LRIG 5
WXEX2-04 Yuki, Pure-Hearted Miko LR White LRIG 4
WXEX2-05 Sashe Pleine, Praying Messenger LR White LRIG 4
WXEX2-06 Dona FOURTH+++ LR White LRIG 4
WXEX2-07 Shining Hanayo Five LR Red LRIG 5
WXEX2-08 Invincible Yuzuki Five LR RedGreen LRIG 5
WXEX2-09 Ril, Memory of the Pledge LR Red LRIG 4
WXEX2-10 Carnival -QB- LR Red LRIG 4
WXEX2-11 Layla-Overdrive LR Red LRIG 5
WXEX2-12 Allos Piruluk ACRO LR Blue LRIG 5
WXEX2-13 Eldora×Mark V ULTRA LR Blue LRIG 5
WXEX2-14 Milulun Araya LR Blue LRIG 5
WXEX2-15 Magical Aya! IV LR Blue LRIG 4
WXEX2-16 Midoriko, Opening Type Five LR Green LRIG 5
WXEX2-17 Anne Fifth, Pure Song of Essence LR GreenWhite LRIG 5
WXEX2-18 Aiyai★Four Card LR Green LRIG 4
WXEX2-19 Mel-Mint Beer LR Green LRIG 4
WXEX2-20 Mama♥4 MODE5 LR Green LRIG 4
WXEX2-21 Urith, Enma of the Evil Eye LR Black LRIG 5
WXEX2-22 Umr-Fem, Wielder of the Alluring Orchid Key LR Black LRIG 5
WXEX2-23 Alfou, Heavenly Bride LR Black LRIG 5
WXEX2-24 Myu-Flutter LR Black LRIG 4
WXEX2-25 Hanare, Dark One of Saving Release LR Black LRIG 4
WXEX2-26 Nanashi, That Four Flower LR Black LRIG 4
WXEX2-27 Guzuko, Useless Princess of Tragedy LR Black LRIG 4
WXEX2-28 Gungnire, Ultimate Spear SR White SIGNI 4
WXEX2-29 Persedes, Natural Star Princess SR White SIGNI 4
WXEX2-30 Code Labyrinth Tsuuten SR White SIGNI 4
WXEX2-31 Heracles, Lion's Glory SR White SIGNI 4
WXEX2-32 Monoceros, Natural Star Princess SR White SIGNI 4
WXEX2-33 Gashaskull, Phantom Apparition Princess SR White SIGNI 4
WXEX2-34 Phosphylla, Natural Pyroxene SR Red SIGNI 4
WXEX2-35 Giganod, Phantom Dragon Princess SR Red SIGNI 4
WXEX2-36 Karuruna, Archer of the Sun SR Red SIGNI 4
WXEX2-37 Big Vang, Natural Star Princess SR Red SIGNI 4
WXEX2-38 Code Drive Fire Engine SR Red SIGNI 5
WXEX2-39 Funashimu, Great Phantom Insect SR Blue SIGNI 4
WXEX2-40 Gupipi, Water Phantom Princess SR Blue SIGNI 4
WXEX2-41 Tungsten, Natural Principle Princess SR Blue SIGNI 5
WXEX2-42 Trickar, Super Trap SR Blue SIGNI 4
WXEX2-43 Harpy, Phantom Beast Deity SR Green SIGNI 4
WXEX2-44 Katsuhoku, Two Refined Brushstrokes SR Green SIGNI 5
WXEX2-45 Real Escape, Fourth Play Princess SR Green SIGNI 4
WXEX2-46 Code Order PPA Pi SR Green SIGNI 4
WXEX2-47 Nikolates, Alternating Current of Electrical Wisdom SR Green SIGNI 4
WXEX2-48 Asmode, Demon of Lust SR Black SIGNI 4
WXEX2-49 Code Anti Nodens SR Black SIGNI 4
WXEX2-50 Enmakurogi, Great Phantom Insect SR Black SIGNI 4
WXEX2-51 Soyuragi, Ultimate Sin of Fluctuation SR Black SIGNI 5
WXEX2-52 Vier-Falsehood SR Black SIGNI 4
WXEX2-53 Akudama, Natural Bacteria Princess SR Black SIGNI 4
WXEX2-54 King's Game, Death Play Princess SR Black SIGNI 4
WXEX2-55 Krishna, Origin of the Avatars R White SIGNI 3
WXEX2-56 Quadrans, Natural Star R White SIGNI 1
WXEX2-57 David, Symbol of Excellence R White SIGNI 3
WXEX2-58 Caelum, Natural Star R White SIGNI 3
WXEX2-59 Teke Teke, Phantom Apparition R White SIGNI 3
WXEX2-60 Flathro Signaller, Crossbow Flame R Red SIGNI 4
WXEX2-61 Arjuna, Archer of the Sun R Red SIGNI 3
WXEX2-62 Sunspot, Natural Star R Red SIGNI 3
WXEX2-63 Code Ride Ambulance R Red SIGNI 3
WXEX2-64 Saury, Water Phantom R Blue SIGNI 3
WXEX2-65 Scandium, Natural Source R Blue SIGNI 3
WXEX2-66 Spam, Large Trap R Blue SIGNI 3
WXEX2-67 Bamboo, Natural Plant R Green SIGNI 3
WXEX2-68 Argentino, Phantom Dragon R Green SIGNI 3
WXEX2-69 Code Eat Melosyru R Green SIGNI 3
WXEX2-70 Pinball, Third Play R Green SIGNI 3
WXEX2-71 Houjinzan, Rule of Average Wisdom R Green SIGNI 2
WXEX2-72 Code Art TSC R Black SIGNI 3
WXEX2-73 Valefor, Thief's Temptation R Black SIGNI 3
WXEX2-74 Code Anti Braun R Black SIGNI 3
WXEX2-75 Vier-Oxygen R Black SIGNI 4
WXEX2-76 Stick Insect, Phantom Insect R Black SIGNI 3
WXEX2-77 Cendrillon, Dove Keeper R Black SIGNI 2
WXEX2-78 Zwei-Insomnia R Black SIGNI 3
WXEX2-79 Otafuku, Natural Bacteria R Black SIGNI 2
WXEX2-80 High and Low, Imitating Play R Black SIGNI 2
WXEX2-81 Gigas, Magnanimous Giant R Colorless SIGNI 4
WXEX2-82 Tamayorihime Five Remodeled, the Flame Re WhiteRed LRIG 5
WXEX2-83 Yuki, Miko of Utmost Happiness Re White LRIG 5
WXEX2-84 Mayu, True Name Miko Re White LRIG 5
WXEX2-85 Sashe Lune, Benevolent Messenger Re White LRIG 5
WXEX2-86 Dona FIFTH Re White LRIG 5
WXEX2-87 Ril, Memory of the Future Re Red LRIG 5
WXEX2-88 Carnival -MAIS- Re Red LRIG 5
WXEX2-89 Code Piruluk APEX Re BlueBlack LRIG 5
WXEX2-90 Finishing Blow Aya! V Re Blue LRIG 5
WXEX2-91 Aiyai★Royal Flush Re Green LRIG 5
WXEX2-92 Mel-Spiritus Re Green LRIG 5
WXEX2-93 Mama♥5 Re Green LRIG 5
WXEX2-94 Myu-Free Re Black LRIG 5
WXEX2-95 Hanare, Dark One of True Happiness Re Black LRIG 5
WXEX2-96 Nanashi, That After Re Black LRIG 5
WXEX2-97 Guzuko, Useless Princess of the Dearest Wish Re Black LRIG 5
WXEX2-98 Liwat-Ener, Messenger Prolonged of Life Re Colorless LRIG 5
WXEX2-99 Gabrielt, Future of the True Angel Re White SIGNI 5
WXEX2-100 ≡Cosmouse≡, Natural Star Princess Re Red LRIG 4
WXEX2-101 Zirconium, Natural Source Princess Re Blue LRIG 4
WXEX2-102 Code Ancients Hellboros Re Black LRIG 5
WXEX2-??? Tama  ??? Red LRIG 0
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WXK-DF04 Start WIXOSS with Ril and Win by Evolution!
WXK-DF05 Start WIXOSS with Carnival and Win by Using the Graveyard!
WXA-DF01 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Tama and Win with Intense Consecutive Attacks!
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