WXK-D06 Dual Blood
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Release Date June 21, 2018
Color(s) Red and Black
LRIG Ril and Carnival
Key Selection Key Yes
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WXK-D05 Dual Paleness WXK-D07 Dual Plant
WXK-D06 Dual Blood (デュアル・ブラッド Dyuaru Buraddo) is the twenty-ninth preconstructed deck set of the WIXOSS TCG.


It contains two preconstructed decks; a Ril deck with red Arm SIGNI, and a Carnival deck with black Valor SIGNI. Key cards depicting Mel and Nanashi are also included.

Card ListEdit

No Card Name Qty Color Type Level
WDK06-C01 Carnival †QA† 1 Black LRIG 4
WDK06-C02 Carnival †TA† 1 Black LRIG 3
WDK06-C03 Carnival †SA† 1 Black LRIG 2
WDK06-C04 Carnival †PA† 1 Black LRIG 1
WDK06-C05 Carnival †0† 1 Black LRIG 0
WDK06-C06 Fate Struggle 1 Black ARTS -
WDK06-C07 Bad End 1 Black ARTS -
WDK06-C08 Tactical Punish 1 Black ARTS -
WDK06-C09 Nanashi, That Hook 1 Black Key -
WDK06-C10 Phantom Garden 1 Colorless ARTS -
WDK06-C11 Xiahou Dun, One Eye of the Wei Army 4 Black SIGNI 4
WDK06-C12 Lancelot, Immorality of the Round Table 4 Black SIGNI 4
WDK06-C13 Gaain, Hawk Catcher of the Round Table 4 Black SIGNI 3
WDK06-C14 Xiahou Yuan, Red Bow of the Wei Army 4 Black SIGNI 3
WDK06-C15 Parsifal, Thrown Spear of the Round Table 4 Black SIGNI 2
WDK06-C16 Cao Ren, Court Advisor of the Wei Army 4 Black SIGNI 1
WDK06-C17 Zhang Liao, Two-Handed Axe of the Wei Army 4 Black SIGNI 1
WDK06-C18 Servant D 4 Colorless SIGNI 2
WDK06-C19 Servant O4 4 Colorless SIGNI 1
WDK06-C20 Recycle Deads 4 Black Spell -
WDK06-R01 Ril, Memory of Dignified Valor 1 Red LRIG 4
WDK06-R02 Ril, Memory of the Blue Sky 1 Red LRIG 3
WDK06-R03 Ril, Memory of Swordpoint 1 Red LRIG 2
WDK06-R04 Ril, Memory of Mutual Favor 1 Red LRIG 1
WDK06-R05 Ril, Memory of Innocence 1 Red LRIG 0
WDK06-R06 See Through the Fiery Ambition 1 Red ARTS -
WDK06-R07 Fiery Morning, Moonlit Night 1 Red ARTS -
WDK06-R08 Pulling Chestnuts out of the Fire 1 Red ARTS -
WDK06-R09 Mel-Muddler 1 Green Key -
WDK06-R10 Victim Defense 1 Colorless ARTS -
WDK06-R11 Highmail, Ultimate Attire 4 Red SIGNI 4
WDK06-R12 Tonfa, Ultimate Attire 4 Red SIGNI 4
WDK06-R13 Sansetsukon, Great Attire 4 Red SIGNI 3
WDK06-R14 Tlet, Great Attire 4 Red SIGNI 3
WDK06-R15 Flambe, Medium Attire 4 Red SIGNI 2
WDK06-R16 Kukri, Small Attire 4 Red SIGNI 1
WDK06-R17 Nuncha, Small Attire 4 Red SIGNI 1
WDK06-R18 Servant D4 4 Colorless SIGNI 2
WDK06-R19 Servant O 4 Colorless SIGNI 1
WDK06-R20 Sword Line Ascertainment 4 Red Spell -


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WXK-DF02 Start WIXOSS with Guzuko and Win by Deck Manipulation!
WXK-DF03 Start WIXOSS with Tama and Win by Returning Cards to the Hand!
WXK-DF04 Start WIXOSS with Ril and Win by Evolution!
WXK-DF05 Start WIXOSS with Carnival and Win by Using the Graveyard!
WXA-DF01 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Tama and Win with Intense Consecutive Attacks!
WXA-DF02 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Piruluk and Win with Intense Hand Destruction!
WXA-DF03 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Yuzuki and Win with Intense Incineration!
WXA-DF04 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Dona and Win with Intense Overall Reinforcement!
WXA-DF05 Start WIXOSS All-Star with Guzuko and Win with Intense Cooperative Attacks!
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