WXK-P09 Dissemble
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Release Date October 26, 2019
Key Selection Key Yes
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WXK-P08 Unrealistic WXEX-2 Unbreakable Selector
WXK-P09 Dissemble (ディセンブル Disenburu) is the thirty-second booster pack of the WIXOSS TCG.


Released alongside WXK-D17 Black Alfou, this set introduces Alfou to Key Selection. In addition, this set includes support for the LRIGs Tama and Piruluk in different colors, with Tama as a blue LRIG using Angel SIGNI, and Piruluk as a green LRIG using Electric Machine SIGNI. This set also includes a level 5 ? LRIG, The Twister, for the first time since The Spinner.


Card ListEdit

NoCard NameRarityColorTypeLevel
WXK09-001 The Twister LR Colorless LRIG 5
WXK09-002 Holy Grand Slam LR Blue ARTS -
WXK09-003 Circuitous Corridor LR Green ARTS -
WXK09-004 Story Teller LR Black ARTS -
WXK09-005 Ut'ulls, the Opened Key Gate LR WhiteBlack Key -
WXK09-006 Tamayorihime, Heaven-Colored Miko LC Blue LRIG 4
WXK09-007 Tamayorihime, Indigo Blue Miko LC Blue LRIG 3
WXK09-008 Tamayorihime, Sky Blue Miko LC Blue LRIG 3
WXK09-009 Tamayorihime, Blue-Tinged Grey Miko LC Blue LRIG 3
WXK09-010 Tamayorihime, Deep Blue Miko LC Blue LRIG 2
WXK09-011 Tamayorihime, Ultramarine Miko LC Blue LRIG 2
WXK09-012 Tamayorihime, Pale Indigo Miko LC Blue LRIG 1
WXK09-013 Tamayorihime, Water Indigo Miko LC Blue LRIG 0
WXK09-014 Titan's Glove LC Blue ARTS -
WXK09-015 Code Piruluk Watt LC Green LRIG 4
WXK09-016 Code Piruluk Volt LC Green LRIG 3
WXK09-017 Code Piruluk Kilovolt LC Green LRIG 3
WXK09-018 Code Piruluk Millivolt LC Green LRIG 3
WXK09-019 Code Piruluk Milliampere LC Green LRIG 2
WXK09-020 Code Piruluk Microampere LC Green LRIG 2
WXK09-021 Code Piruluk Farad LC Green LRIG 1
WXK09-022 Code Piruluk Ground LC Green LRIG 0
WXK09-023 Sky Race Route LC Green ARTS -
WXK09-024 Alfou, Danseuse of Honorable Curtains LC Black LRIG 3
WXK09-025 Alfou, Black-Clothed Danseuse LC Black LRIG 3
WXK09-026 Alfou, Danseuse of Shadow Revolving LC Black LRIG 2
WXK09-027 Alfou, Danseuse of Shadow Performance LC Black LRIG 1
WXK09-028 Arcgain, Azure Angel of Fighting Together SR Blue SIGNI 4
WXK09-029 Triton, Azure Angel Who Plays the Waves Like Music SR Blue SIGNI 4
WXK09-030 Sachiel, Azure Angel of Water Covering SR Blue SIGNI 4
WXK09-031 Code Heart VⱯC SR Green SIGNI 4
WXK09-032 Code Heart OPA SR Green SIGNI 4
WXK09-033 Code Heart HCPU SR Green SIGNI 4
WXK09-034 Seyuragi, Evil Sin of Fluctuation SR Black SIGNI 4
WXK09-035 Princess Snow White, Fairy Tale of White Snow SR Black SIGNI 4
WXK09-036 Dark Knight, Darkness That Rules Over Night SR Black SIGNI 4
WXK09-037 Arc Energe, Spinning Spear SR Colorless SIGNI 5
WXK09-038 Apsaras, Azure Angel of Cloud Dancing R Blue SIGNI 4
WXK09-039 Pontus, Azure Angel of the Ocean R Blue SIGNI 3
WXK09-040 Nereus, Azure Angel of Calm Areas R Blue SIGNI 3
WXK09-041 Eurybia, Azure Angel of Fleeting Bubbles R Blue SIGNI 2
WXK09-042 Oceanus, Azure Angel of Circulation R Blue SIGNI 2
WXK09-043 Alpheios, Azure Angel of Supplication R Blue SIGNI 1
WXK09-044 Susanoo, Azure Angel of Cleansing Justice R Blue SIGNI 1
WXK09-045 Haurvatat, Azure Angel of Swelling Waves R Blue SIGNI 1
WXK09-046 FORCED R Blue Spell -
WXK09-047 Code Art WSB R Green SIGNI 4
WXK09-048 Code Art MTD R Green SIGNI 3
WXK09-049 Code Art ACS R Green SIGNI 3
WXK09-050 Code Art RLC R Green SIGNI 2
WXK09-051 Code Art TRS R Green SIGNI 2
WXK09-052 Code Art USS R Green SIGNI 1
WXK09-053 Code Art SCM R Green SIGNI 1
WXK09-054 Code Art SSL R Green SIGNI 1
WXK09-055 Improvement R Green Spell -
WXK09-056 Poison Apple, Fairy Tale of White Snow R Black SIGNI 3
WXK09-057 Suyuragi, Large Sin of Fluctuation R Black SIGNI 3
WXK09-058 Prince Kiss, Fairy Tale of White Snow R Black SIGNI 2
WXK09-059 Gretel, Fairy Tale of Sweets R Black SIGNI 2
WXK09-060 Kokekobu, Fairy Tale of the Band R Black SIGNI 1
WXK09-061 Rapunz, Fairy Tale at the Top of the Tower R Black SIGNI 1
WXK09-062 Lebkuchen, Fairy Tale of Sweets R Black SIGNI 1
WXK09-063 Puppet Show R Black Spell -
WXK09-064 Neptunus, Azure Angel of Soaring Waves C Blue SIGNI 4
WXK09-065 Owatatsumi, Azure Angel That Protects the Seas C Blue SIGNI 4
WXK09-066 Enki, Azure Angel of the Abyss C Blue SIGNI 3
WXK09-067 Ichikishima, Azure Angel of Chinese Juniper C Blue SIGNI 3
WXK09-068 Albion, Azure Angel of the Barrier Wall C Blue SIGNI 3
WXK09-069 Mananan, Azure Angel of Voyages C Blue SIGNI 2
WXK09-070 Aegir, Azure Angel of Welcome C Blue SIGNI 2
WXK09-071 Rán, Azure Angel of Capturing C Blue SIGNI 2
WXK09-072 Anahita, Azure Angel of River's Source C Blue SIGNI 1
WXK09-073 Apam, Lake Child of Azure Angels C Blue SIGNI 1
WXK09-074 Ix Chel, Azure Angel of Rainbows C Blue SIGNI 1
WXK09-075 Vasuki, Large Serpent of Azure Angels C Blue SIGNI 1
WXK09-076 STRAIGHT C Blue Spell -
WXK09-077 Code Art EMB C Green SIGNI 4
WXK09-078 Code Art SPS C Green SIGNI 4
WXK09-079 Code Art TPS C Green SIGNI 3
WXK09-080 Code Art CIL C Green SIGNI 3
WXK09-081 Code Art SDI C Green SIGNI 3
WXK09-082 Code Art LTS C Green SIGNI 2
WXK09-083 Code Art MFR C Green SIGNI 2
WXK09-084 Code Art CRC C Green SIGNI 2
WXK09-085 Code Art AEC C Green SIGNI 1
WXK09-086 Code Art VBR C Green SIGNI 1
WXK09-087 Code Art BRB C Green SIGNI 1
WXK09-088 Code Art LED C Green SIGNI 1
WXK09-089 Scan C Green Spell -
WXK09-090 Seven Dwarves, Fairy Tale of White Snow C Black SIGNI 4
WXK09-091 Heilimm, Fairy Tale of Star Silver C Black SIGNI 4
WXK09-092 Gothel, Fairy Tale at the Top of the Tower C Black SIGNI 3
WXK09-093 Donkeyn, Fairy Tale of the Band C Black SIGNI 3
WXK09-094 Byzwir, Fairy Tale of Star Silver C Black SIGNI 3
WXK09-095 Chisha, Fairy Tale at the Top of the Tower C Black SIGNI 2
WXK09-096 Brot, Fairy Tale of Star Silver C Black SIGNI 2
WXK09-097 Dogme, Fairy Tale of the Band C Black SIGNI 2
WXK09-098 Hansel, Fairy Tale of Sweets C Black SIGNI 1
WXK09-099 Flynn, Fairy Tale at the Top of the Tower C Black SIGNI 1
WXK09-100 Catle, Fairy Tale of the Band C Black SIGNI 1
WXK09-101 Servant Q C Colorless SIGNI 4
WXK09-102 Servant T C Colorless SIGNI 3
WXK09-103 Servant D C Colorless SIGNI 2
WXK09-104 Servant O C Colorless SIGNI 1
WXK09-105 Servant Q2 C Colorless SIGNI 4
WXK09-106 Servant T2 C Colorless SIGNI 3
WXK09-107 Servant D2 C Colorless SIGNI 2
WXK09-108 Servant O2 C Colorless SIGNI 1
WXK09-109 Servant Q4 C Colorless SIGNI 4
WXK09-110 Servant T4 C Colorless SIGNI 3
WXK09-111 Servant D4 C Colorless SIGNI 2
WXK09-112 Servant O4 C Colorless SIGNI 1
WXK09-113 Arc Cross Counter Secret White ARTS -
WXK09-??? Tama ??? Blue LRIG 0
WXK09-??? Piruluk ??? Green LRIG 0
WXK09-??? Alfou ??? Black LRIG 0
WXK09-TK-01A Remodeling Parts - Green SIGNI -
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WXK-DF04 Start WIXOSS with Ril and Win by Evolution!
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