WXK-P10 Collision
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Release Date February 22, 2020
Formats All-Star
Key.png Key Selection
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WXEX-2 Unbreakable Selector WXK-P11 Re:incarnation

WXK-P10 Collision (コリジョン Korijon) is the thirty-fourth booster pack of the WIXOSS TCG.


This set focuses on ARTS and keys with two colors and SIGNI with two classes. The ARTS have hybrid ener costs that can be entirely paid with cards of one color, and the dual-class SIGNI have abilities that are a mixture of both of their classes'. This set has support for all existing LRIGs in Key Selection, and includes more Nijisanji collaboration cards.

Rarity Breakdown[]

  • LR: 6
  • LC: 14 (+9 Nijisanji level zero LRIGs)
  • SR: 10
  • R: 26
  • C: 47
  • Secret: 9
  • Re: 1
  • ???: 2

Card List[]

No Card Name Rarity Color Type Level
WXK10-001 Sunflower Fire LR White.pngRed.png ARTS -
WXK10-002 Mendako Guillotine LR White.pngBlack.png ARTS -
WXK10-003 Burning Wind, Watery Moon LR Red.pngBlue.png ARTS -
WXK10-004 Protection Mapping LR Blue.pngGreen.png ARTS -
WXK10-005 Purple Stem, Green Leaf LR Green.pngBlack.png ARTS -
WXK10-006 World End, Key of the Song of Kalpa's End LR Red.pngBlue.png Key -
WXK10-007 Eraser Smash LC White.png ARTS -
WXK10-008 Blazing with Rage LC Red.png ARTS -
WXK10-009 Fortune Imagine LC Blue.png ARTS -
WXK10-010 Don't Call LC Blue.png ARTS -
WXK10-011 Shot Shower LC Green.png ARTS -
WXK10-012 Stop Flight LC Green.png ARTS -
WXK10-013 Criminal Retouch LC Black.png ARTS -
WXK10-014 HiMAT Ray LC Colorless.png ARTS -
WXK10-015 Lulu Suzuhara, Supporter LC White.png Key -
WXK10-016 Tama and Yuki, Genesis Key LC White.pngBlue.png Key -
WXK10-017 Sashe and Myu, Midnight Sun Messengers LC White.pngBlack.png Key -
WXK10-018 Ril and Mel, Memory of Green Burning LC Red.pngGreen.png Key -
WXK10-019 Allos and Code Piruluk KEY LC Blue.pngGreen.png Key -
WXK10-020 Urith and Carnival, Enma of Twin Hells LC Black.png Key -
WXK10-021 Shogi, Master Wisdom Play SR White.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-022 Code VL Era Otogibara SR White.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-023 Moncane, Riding Armed SR Red.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-024 Grende, Ancient Flame Demon SR Red.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-025 Tapipi, Tasty Tempting Devil SR Blue.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-026 Moses, Azure Angel of Water Wisdom SR Blue.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-027 Dzuchigumo, Phantom Spirit Bacteria SR Green.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-028 Elect Eel, Electric Water Phantom SR Green.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-029 Tiama, Trap Book Dragon SR Black.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-030 Seven Goats, Fairy Tale of the Capricornus Army SR Black.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-031 Globe Top, Praiseworthy Cosmos Play R White.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-032 Cardan, Cipher of Secret Wisdom R White.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-033 Cagliostro, Alchemist of Trap Wisdom R White.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-034 Code VL Toko Inui R White.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-035 Code VL Lize Helesta R White.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-036 Code VL Ange Katrina R White.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-037 Oxcart, Ancient Riding Machine R Red.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-038 Liverera, Full Armed R Red.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-039 Methane, Natural Element R Red.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-040 Demon Core, Natural Element Demon R Red.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-041 Belial, Injustice of Flame Demons R Red.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-042 Nephilim, Fallen Azure Angel R Blue.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-043 Crystal, Labyrinthine Form of Snow Wisdom R Blue.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-044 Code Maze Dwar R Blue.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-045 Boreas, Azure Angel of the North Wind R Blue.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-046 Raijuu, Electric Phantom Spirit R Green.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-047 Marimo, Natural Water Plant R Green.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-048 DHA, Natural Bacteria R Green.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-049 Yeast, Food Bacteria R Green.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-050 Code Art NTC R Green.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-051 Ryoma, Phantom Brave Dragon R Black.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-052 Valac, Phantom Dragon R Black.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-053 Timerbomb, Natural Planet R Black.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-054 Picatrix, Crossbow Book R Black.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-055 Thousand Colors, Fairy Tale of a Thousand Furs R Black.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-056 Alyonu, Element Fairy Tale of the Brother and Sister R Black.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-057 Bobsle, Praiseworthy Play C White.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-058 Papercra, Great Knowledge Play C White.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-059 White Dead-Nettle, Natural Plant C White.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-060 Thunberg Spiraea, Natural Plant C White.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-061 Scytale, Cipher of Secret Wisdom C White.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-062 Code Ride Wrecker C Red.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-063 Code Ride Transport C Red.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-064 Higekiri, Full Armed C Red.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-065 Kuwana Gou, Lightly Armed C Red.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-066 Code Anti Nephthys C Red.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-067 Code Anti Mondes C Red.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-068 Propane, Natural Element C Red.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-069 Allocen, Red Eyes of Flame Demons C Red.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-070 Vepar, Wild Storm of Demonic Seas C Blue.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-071 Beleth, Brass Instrument of Demonic Seas C Blue.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-072 Slist, Aerodynamics of Racing Wisdom C Blue.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-073 Singula, Singularity of Technique Wisdom C Blue.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-074 Code Eat Warabimochi C Blue.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-075 Code Eat Ramune C Blue.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-076 Code Maze Tetrapo C Blue.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-077 Eurus, Azure Angel of the Water Jar C Blue.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-078 Treant, Phantom Spirit C Green.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-079 Mokudaruma, Phantom Spirit C Green.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-080 Sebek, Water Phantom C Green.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-081 Lime Wrasse, Water Phantom C Green.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-082 Olein, Natural Bacteria C Green.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-083 Code Art TMB C Green.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-084 Mushroom Caterpillar, Great Trap C Black.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-085 Lizard Building, Small Trap C Black.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-086 Yu Jin, Fortitude of the Wei Army C Black.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-087 Yue Jin, Decisiveness of the Wei Army C Black.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-088 Botis, Phantom Dragon C Black.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-089 Crabneb, Natural Planet C Black.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-090 Gardra, Small Book C Black.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-091 Heinrich, Fairy Tale of the Frog King C Black.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-092 Servant Q C Colorless.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-093 Servant T C Colorless.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-094 Servant D C Colorless.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-095 Servant O C Colorless.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-096 Servant Q2 C Colorless.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-097 Servant T2 C Colorless.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-098 Servant D2 C Colorless.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-099 Servant O2 C Colorless.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-100 Servant Q4 C Colorless.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-101 Servant T4 C Colorless.png SIGNI 3
WXK10-102 Servant D4 C Colorless.png SIGNI 2
WXK10-103 Servant O4 C Colorless.png SIGNI 1
WXK10-104 Fatal Crown Secret Black.png ARTS -
WXK10-105 Tawil, Who Reaches Out Secret White.png Key -
WXK10-106 Dona CHEER Secret White.png Key -
WXK10-107 Yuki, Earnest Miko Secret White.png Key -
WXK10-108 Fractal Cage Secret Colorless.png ARTS -
WXK10-109 Urith, Enma of Attachment Secret Black.png Key -
WXK10-110 Carnival -K- Secret Red.png Key -
WXK10-111 Breeding Force Secret White.png ARTS -
WXK10-112 Giant Killing Secret Blue.png ARTS -
WXK10-113 Code Accel Fitru Re Red.png SIGNI 4
WXK10-114 Alice Mononobe LC White.png LRIG 0
WXK10-115 Utako Suzuka LC White.png LRIG 0
WXK10-116 Mikoto Rindou LC White.png LRIG 0
WXK10-117 Roa Yuzuki LC White.png LRIG 0
WXK10-118 Chihiro Yuki LC White.png LRIG 0
WXK10-119 Sister Claire LC White.png LRIG 0
WXK10-120 Mito Tsukino LC White.png LRIG 0
WXK10-121 Kaede Higuchi LC Red.png LRIG 0
WXK10-122 Rin Shizuka LC Blue.png LRIG 0
WXK10-??? Kaede Higuchi ??? Red.png LRIG 0
WXK10-??? Rin Shizuka ??? Blue.png LRIG 0
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