WXK-P11 Re:incarnation
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Release Date May 30, 2020
Formats All-Star
Key.png Key Selection
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WXK-P11 Re:incarnation (リンカーネイション Rinkāneishon) is the thirty-fifth booster pack of the WIXOSS TCG.


This set focuses on reviving popular and famous cards throughout WIXOSS's history for Key Selection. It has support for all existing LRIGs in Key Selection and includes more Nijisanji collaboration cards. This set's keys are themed after conflicts between LRIGs that have occurred in past WIXOSS works. Barring the Nijisanji collaboration cards and keys, every single card in this set references a previously made card.

Rarity Breakdown[]

  • LR: 6
  • LC: 17
  • SR: 11
  • R: 20
  • C: 36
  • Secret: 3

Card List[]

No Card Name Rar Color Type Lv Referenced Card
WXK11-001 Princess Defense LR White.png ARTS - Idol Defense
WXK11-002 Surrounded by Flames LR Red.png ARTS - Surrounded by Fire
WXK11-003 Lock Your Heart LR Blue.png ARTS - Lock You
WXK11-004 Late Ripening LR Green.png ARTS - Late Bloomer
WXK11-005 Original Surprise LR Black.png ARTS - Ancient Surprise
WXK11-006 Tama VS Urith, Opposite Selections LR White.pngBlack.png Key - N/A
WXK11-007 Cthulhu Hail LC White.pngBlack.png ARTS - Cthulhu Call
WXK11-008 Dragon Extinguishing Heat Chain LC Red.pngGreen.png ARTS - Dragon Extinguishing Chain
WXK11-009 Ice Flame Shot LC Blue.pngRed.png ARTS - Ice Flame Shoot
WXK11-010 Sea and Sky Becoming Two Blues LC Green.pngBlue.png ARTS - Sea and Sky Becoming One Blue
WXK11-011 Four Color Miaura LC Black.pngRed.pngBlue.pngGreen.png ARTS - Four Color Miasma
WXK11-012 Meiji, Alice, and Era, Supporters LC White.png Key - N/A
WXK11-013 Ultum VS Liwat, Balance of Causality LC White.pngBlack.png Key - N/A
WXK11-014 Ril VS Carnival, Memory of Conflict LC Red.png Key - N/A
WXK11-015 Piruluk VS Remember, Recurring Thoughts LC Blue.pngWhite.png Key - N/A
WXK11-016 Alfou VS Haity, Profusing Bouquet LC Black.pngWhite.png Key - N/A
WXK11-017 Rikabuto, Natural Plant Queen SR White.png SIGNI 4 Vier-Rikabuto
WXK11-018 Code VL Kana Sukoya SR White.png SIGNI 4 N/A
WXK11-019 Diabride, Natural Celebration Crystal SR White.png SIGNI 4 Diabride, Natural Pyroxene
WXK11-020 Code Anti Hellboros SR Red.png SIGNI 4 Code Ancients Hellboros
WXK11-021 Arcgain, Pioneer of Flame Demons SR Red.png SIGNI 4 Arcgain, Archangel of Pioneering
WXK11-022 Code Labyrinthe Quin SR Blue.png SIGNI 4 Code Labyrinth Quin
WXK11-023 Munkarun, Azure Angel of the Holy Tomb SR Blue.png SIGNI 4 Munkarun, Elder Sister Deity of the Holy Tomb
WXK11-024 Osagitsune, Phantom Spirit Queen SR Green.png SIGNI 4 Osaki, Phantom Beast Deity
WXK11-025 Daihouika, Green Water Phantom Queen SR Green.png SIGNI 4 Daihouika, Water Phantom Queen
WXK11-026 Contempora, Mysterious Superboast SR Black.png SIGNI 4 Contempora, Inexplicable Superboast
WXK11-027 Sayuragi, Lesser Sin of Dancing SR Black.png SIGNI 1 Sayuragi, Lesser Sin of Fluctuation
WXK11-028 Beigoma, Benevolent Play R White.png SIGNI 2 Beigoma, Fourth Play Queen
WXK11-029 Louvre, Appreciation of Beauty Wisdom R White.png SIGNI 2 Code Labyrinth Louvre
WXK11-030 Code VL Sou Hayase R White.png SIGNI 3 N/A
WXK11-031 Code Ride Cosmorocke R Red.png SIGNI 2 ≡Cosmouse≡, Natural Planet Queen
WXK11-032 Energe, Lightly Armed R Red.png SIGNI 1 Energe, Original Spear
WXK11-033 Ammolite, Natural Element R Red.png SIGNI 2 Ammolite, Natural Crystal
WXK11-034 Geocentrism, Natural Planet Theory R Red.png SIGNI 4 ≡Geocentrism≡, Natural Planet
WXK11-035 Vacuum, Suction of Hell R Blue.png SIGNI 3 Code Heart VAC
WXK11-036 Dr. Demeni, Professor of Fish Wisdom R Blue.png SIGNI 2 Demenigisu, Deep Water Phantom Queen
WXK11-037 Code Eat Wedding R Blue.png SIGNI 3 Code Order Wedding
WXK11-038 Triaina, Ultimate Armed R Blue.png SIGNI 4 §Poseidona§, Raging Ocean
WXK11-039 Shark Liver Oil, Natural Bacteria R Green.png SIGNI 3 Gurehozame, Water Phantom Queen
WXK11-040 Code Art Tlet ROB R Green.png SIGNI 3 Tlet, Gauntlet
WXK11-041 Arachne Pider, Phantom Insect R Green.png SIGNI 3 Arachne Pider, Black Phantom Insect
WXK11-042 Blajack, Medium Trap R Black.png SIGNI 2 †Blajack†, Time Play Queen Ruler
WXK11-043 Odanobu, Great Demon of Revenge R Black.png SIGNI 3 Odanobu, Great Demon of Pride
WXK11-044 Kokuryu, Phantom Dragon R Black.png SIGNI 2 Seiryu, Phantom Beast
WXK11-045 Luciferstar, Natural Planet R Black.png SIGNI 1 Luciferl, Fallen Talented Woman
WXK11-046 Ayabon, Explosive Book R Black.png SIGNI 2 Ayabon, Hand Grenade
WXK11-047 Servant ZZ R Colorless.png SIGNI 5 Servant Z
WXK11-048 Snowboard Queen, Praiseworthy Play C White.png SIGNI 3 Snow Queen, Phantom Spirit Queen
WXK11-049 Spring Sakura, Natural Plant C White.png SIGNI 1 Sakura, Natural Plant
WXK11-050 Schröde, White Box of Logical Wisdom C White.png SIGNI 3 Schröde, Mysterious Box of Logical Wisdom
WXK11-051 Code VL Luis Cammy C White.png SIGNI 2 N/A
WXK11-052 Arc Order C White.png Spell - Arc Aura
WXK11-053 Code Ride Train Cannon C Red.png SIGNI 4 Guskru, Attacking Ballista
WXK11-054 Adamasphere, High Armed C Red.png SIGNI 2 Adamasphere, Natural Pyroxene
WXK11-055 Code Anti Muḫuššu C Red.png SIGNI 2 Mušḫuššu, Phantom Dragon Queen
WXK11-056 Geissler Tube, Natural Element C Red.png SIGNI 1 Ne, Natural Element Queen
WXK11-057 Code VL Emma★August C Red.png SIGNI 3 N/A
WXK11-058 Fracturing of the Scorching Sun C Red.png Spell - Fracturing Lust
WXK11-059 Code VL Mao Matsukai C Blue.png SIGNI 2 N/A
WXK11-060 Astronomica, Star Arts of Divining Wisdom C Blue.png SIGNI 3 Horoscope, Natural Planet
WXK11-061 Code Eat Tuppersaki C Blue.png SIGNI 1 Code Art TAP
WXK11-062 Code Maze Aztecalendar C Blue.png SIGNI 2 Code Anti Aztec
WXK11-063 Matsuyuki, Azure Angel of Hope C Blue.png SIGNI 1 Snorop, Natural Plant Queen
WXK11-064 THREE OUTSIDE C Blue.png Spell - THREE OUT
WXK11-065 Nihoningyo, Phantom Spirit C Green.png SIGNI 2 †Nihoningyo†, Death Play Queen
WXK11-066 Otagame, Water Phantom C Green.png SIGNI 1 §Otagame§, Great Phantom Insect
WXK11-067 Baobaboon, Natural Bacteria C Green.png SIGNI 1 Baobaboon, Natural Plant Flower Queen
WXK11-068 Code Art CMR C Green.png SIGNI 2 Code Love Heart CMR
WXK11-069 Drei-Influ C Green.png SIGNI 3 Influ, Natural Bacteria Queen
WXK11-070 Restoration C Green.png Spell - Repair
WXK11-071 Houdina, Great Trap C Black.png SIGNI 3 Houdina, God Trap
WXK11-072 Metsuma, Fallen Cannon Girl C Black.png SIGNI 1 Metsum, Fallen Cannon Girl
WXK11-073 Bahamut, Phantom Dragon C Black.png SIGNI 3 Bahamut, Phantom Dragon Deity Queen
WXK11-074 Saturn, Natural Planet C Black.png SIGNI 3 Saturn, White Natural Planet
WXK11-075 Gabrielt, Roaring Book C Black.png SIGNI 3 Gabrielt, Future of the True Angel
WXK11-076 Beiar, Fairy Tale of the Bird King C Black.png SIGNI 1 Beiar, Phantom Beast
WXK11-077 Enigma Order C Black.png Spell - Enigma Aura
WXK11-078 Servant D C Colorless.png SIGNI 2 N/A
WXK11-079 Servant O C Colorless.png SIGNI 1 N/A
WXK11-080 Servant D2 C Colorless.png SIGNI 2 N/A
WXK11-081 Servant O2 C Colorless.png SIGNI 1 N/A
WXK11-082 Servant D4 C Colorless.png SIGNI 2 N/A
WXK11-083 Servant O4 C Colorless.png SIGNI 1 N/A
WXK11-084 Code Piruluk APEX KEY Secret Blue.pngBlack.png Key - N/A
WXK11-085 True Yuzuki Key Secret Red.pngGreen.png Key - N/A
WXK11-086 Tamayorihime, Black Key Miko Secret Black.png Key - N/A
WXK11-087 Yuika Siina LC White.png LRIG 0 N/A
WXK11-088 Himawari Honma LC Red.png LRIG 0 N/A
WXK11-089 Saku Sasaki LC Blue.png LRIG 0 N/A
WXK11-090 Dola LC White.png LRIG 0 N/A
WXK11-091 Marin Hayama LC White.png LRIG 0 N/A
WXK11-092 Uiha Aiba LC White.png LRIG 0 N/A
WXK11-093 Manami Aizono LC White.png LRIG 0 N/A
WXK11-??? At ??? Green.png LRIG 0 N/A
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