White.png White ( Shiro) is one of the colors in the WIXOSS TCG.

Associated LRIGs and Classes[]

LRIG Type Associated Classes
Tama Arm, Angel, Playground Equipment
Remember Space
Tawil Angel
Sashe Space
Iona Labyrinth, Plant
Haity (level 0 only)
Dona Apparition
Yukime (level 0 only)
Anne Beautiful Technique
Emma Wisdom
Nijisanji Electric Machine

Associated abilities[]

  • Searching the deck for SIGNI
  • Protecting SIGNI from attacks
  • Rearranging the top few cards of the deck (scry)
  • Attack prevention
  • Gaining power during the opponent's turn
  • Returning opposing SIGNI to the opponent's hand
  • Manipulating the position of SIGNI on the field
  • Removing abilities
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