White White ( Shiro) is one of the colors in the WIXOSS TCG.

Associated LRIGs and ClassesEdit

LRIG Type Associated Classes
Tama Arm, Angel, Playground Equipment
Remember Space
Tawil Angel
Sashe Space
Iona Labyrinth, Plant
Haity (level 0 only)
Dona Apparition
Yukime (level 0 only)
Anne Beautiful Technique
Emma Wisdom
Nijisanji Electric Machine

Associated abilitiesEdit

  • Searching the deck for SIGNI
  • Protecting SIGNI from attacks
  • Rearranging the top few cards of the deck (scry)
  • Attack prevention
  • Gaining power during the opponent's turn
  • Returning opposing SIGNI to the opponent's hand
  • Manipulating the position of SIGNI on the field
  • Removing abilities
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