Kana (仮名) コクゲンチュウヤスデス
Romaji (ローマ字) Kokugenchū Yasudesu
Color BlackIcon Black
Card Type Resona
Level 2
Power 8000
Limiting Condition Myu limited
Class Living Spirit: Misfortune Insect
Card Abilities
Play Condition Main Phase Choose 2 of the following 3.
"Discard 1 <Misfortune Insect> SIGNI from your hand."
"Put 1 <Misfortune Insect> SIGNI from your ener zone into the trash."
"Put 1 of your non-Resona <Misfortune Insect> SIGNI from the field into the trash."
On-Play: Banish 1 of your opponent's level 2 or less SIGNI.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
Play Condition【メインフェイズ】以下の3つから2つを選ぶ
WXD-11 Black Need (WD11-008 - ST - 6/20/2015)
  • Flavor:
    Jeeze, why. They didn't come. ~Yasudesu~
  • Illust: hitoto*
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