• You can grow to Yuzuki Four, Fire of Nature even if you have no Life Cloth. In that case, Yuzuki's On-Play ability does nothing. You will not lose the game if you grow to Yuzuki Four, Fire of Nature while having 0 Life Cloth.
  • The Life Burst ability which Yuzuki's Constant ability gives does not replace the original Life Burst Life Burst ability of your Life Cloth. Both Life Burst abilities will occur at the same time but separately, so you may choose which Life Burst Life Burst to resolve first.
  • Yuzuki's Constant ability allows cards that would otherwise not have Life Burst to trigger Burning Spirit.
  • For the purposes of PLUS RUSH and Rafflele, Natural Plant, Yuzuki's Constant ability gives the Life Burst Life Burst ability to all of your cards in all zones.
  • Yuzuki's Action ability is not an attack, and thus cannot be guarded.
  • Yuzuki's Action does not win the game if your opponent has no Life Cloth. If your opponent does not have life cloth to crush, Yuzuki's Action will not affect your opponent. You must damage your opponent through a direct attack or by an ability to win the game.
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